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Hey Brodiem - what do the 2 dials to the right of the max number do??


Is this device still working. I have attempted to set it up, loaded it on a track (tried midi and audio), disabled Delete for both note and session modes, saving each time. But I am still able to delete. Am I missing something in the set-up?

Awesome! awesome, awesome. Just this last weekend I managed to delete one of my major midi tracks in the middle of my live set!!!

No more! Thanks heaps!

Great device, thx. I think this will really help incorporate Touche into my live set. A question though. There seems to be a disconnect between the Max and Min numbers on the bottom (to the left of the Reset X), and the movable start and end points of the charted envelope. How is that meant to work. What are the bottom numbers meant to control?

Also, is it possible to Map to pitch bend using this device? and How.

Thanks in advance


..and 3 off) etc. At the moment, I can create the arming of the various tracks, but the exclusive are is not preserved so I end up with 2 tracks armed. Is what I am trying possible with this device.

great work for your 1st device...useful for me. thx

Hi mate...create device, I was just trying to get the same thing working for my live set-up. Is there a way I can have the following work?:

I have 3 midi tracks which I switch between arming for live playing. So I would need the arming to toggle. So have one set-up that arms synth 1 (and toggles arm off for synths 2 and 3), another way to arm 2 (and toggle 1