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Thank you for this nice device :) It's working fine now.

Thank you for this nice device :)

Thank you, this is very useful :)

Thank you man. Very useful device :)

Thank you very much much, very helpful device :)

This is great, thank you so much! Would it be possible to have a mappable knob to reset/restart the timer?

Unfortunately it does not save the settings. So I cannot save my instruments with the device but have to set it up every time again. Also it is only arming 15 tracks even when set to 16. Can I contact you and we figure out whats wrong?

Thank you so much for this and the audio version. Setting up a Seaboard is annoying with Live but your work makes it much easier :)

Thank you very much :)

Thank you for making this. But as TomHall said, the mapping section is missing for me too.

I love it. Great job, thank you :)

Thank you for making this :)

Super useful for me to learn where the notes are on the stave, thank you :)

Well thank you for that nice device. Keep it up! :)

Nice, thank you Tom. It is correct that I have to press twice before the tempo changes, right?

Cool, thanks for that device.