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Name/Version: Iota 2.0
Author: ndivuyo  
Description: Iota is a ​Max for Live ​Instrument to be used with ​Ableton Live​. Iota uses granular synthesis to loop individual segments of a sample. Loops can be drawn as rectangles over a spectrogram, designating the region of the sample to be looped, as well as the frequency range that loop is filtered through. You have access to many parameters for each individual loop. Loops are played back either constantly, or by triggering loops with MIDI note messages.

A manual can be found here:

Device Details

Tags sampler, other
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 29 2017 23:35:12
Date Last Updated: Sep 04 2017 02:04:11
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Nice, but it could really use a manual.

NO SOUND. Pretty bummed. $40 gone

Hey supermosey, most likely you don't have Max 7 or need to check Ableton is running Max 7 as it's my application (check the preferences). This has so far 100% of the time fixed that issue, and no one who has Max 7 running in Ableton has had that problem. If you are 100% sure Ableton is running Max 7 and still have issues, email me at, don't let your $40 go to waste!

jimlette, the manual can be found at

a really beautiful instrument

because the official packs on ableton do not announce an update schedule, nor does the manual on your site describe the changes in 2.0, would you consider adding update features/bugs/compatibility/optimization within the description area of your listing here?


I assumed from the manual that the selection areas were recordable and modulatable but it seems super buggy. I can't really tell if it actually records my movements. The selection boxes don't move after recording. Just the start indicator and it seems really imprecise and jerky. As a result, its not really useable to control.

Another thing is that I assumed I could change the pitch and speed of the sample selection separately but the only way I see to change the speed of the selection is to change the pitch.

Its pretty fun and cool though. Just for my purposes, I don't know how useful it will be without these 2 forementioned items

thanks for any help...

I got this and the download version at the Ableton site is version 1.1. Is there an updated version that we can download or is the version number wrong at the Ableton page?

+1 on the version number question. Just purchased but the latest version that I can access is 1.1. Thank you for your assistance.

Same here, latest on the Ableton site is v1.1 I've had this instrument since it was released and every time I load a project I have to reload my preset as it fails to load the sample on opening the project. Kind of ridiculous that this thing is $40 and can't even remember its settings between sessions, hoping V2 fixes this....

Hey all sorry I don't look here often!

As for the version confusion: this is because there is a previous version of Iota for the lemur+max, but Ableton didn't want to put out a v2 on their site with no v1 there. Well, v1 is on this site so...
If you're worried whether you have the latest update, check the Ableton site, they should have an update that I think fixed some sample reloading issues.

If you are still having sample loading issues please email me and we can figure it out!

In response to gkillmaster:

Yes the graphics on the LCD are a little clunky, but I don't think the behavior you are describing is glitchy, unless you have more info! The thing is, when a loop's box (start position) is moved, the playhead won't move the previous position until the start of the next loop. This is to avoid unwanted clicks in the audio. So when you record your movements, it may look glitchy because it is seemingly starting at random places and jumping around maybe, but it is because it won't change position again until the loop ends.

As for changing the speed, I'm sorry if the description mislead you! Yes, stretching playback is a much more involved and different process of DSP with various options, so I didn't implement that in this version (wait until I update iota next time ))
However, you can make a similar effect, although is a little more work. Take a loop, and give it a small loop size (your desired grain size). Record the movement of that loop along an audio segment at your desired speed. Playback of this recording should make that segment of audio sound stretched. Layer it with more loops to add texture.

All of the controls on this are really clunky. You can't even set the note easily for the MIDI control let alone any of the other controls. The text everywhere is tiny and contrasts horribly with the background. Loops are very difficult to set and move around. Basically the entire user interface is really bad.

You could pretty much do everything this does with a rack of a few simplers, filter, and delay. Wish I could get my $40 back. Deleted the pack.

Loving this instrument. Thank you so much for this.

A few questions/thoughts.

1) After saving, then reopening a project sometimes the sample selection does not get saved and instead opens blank. All of the rectangles, parameters and automations are saved, but the selected sample just goes missing. Anyone else having this issue?

2) Would be sweet if there was a way to modulate time to have different rectangles completing there loops in different tempos. The pitch does this in a way I suppose?

3) Enabling Midi mapping to selecting the different parameters in iota would also be cool! Sometimes I like mapping knobs to parameters and handling them live.

Again thank you! If anyone has thoughts on this let me know!

Hey Citizen thanks for bringing this to my attention! Make sure you have the latest version.

To respond to each of your points:

1) Ok I have noted this down! Sorry about that, it is a big issue (unless you are using an older version?) And please send me an email with more details if you prefer/can so I can keep in touch with you better about the issue:

2) For Iota 1 this is not going to happen, but it will be possible in Iota II. Here is the link for the beta testing (note, beta version hasn't dropped yet):

3) This is not possible in Iota because of the nature of its parameter system and limitations in Live's parameter system. However, Iota II's parameter system is setup differently and this and much more will be possible.

Hi. sorry i have same issue Nr 1 Samples dont save some times which makes it unusable. after restarting projects Iota just saves just squares but not the sample selection. :/

Hey for everyone having sample loading issues, I have an update that fixes it! I dunno when ableton will update it, they could be slow, so get in touch with me for the update if you have this issue!

I purchased this through I think I'll be happy with it.

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