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Overbridge Pattern Clips Version 0.3.1
Console 1 Track Follow Version 1.1
Elektron Transporter Version 1.0
Elektron Pattern Clips Version 0.5.2

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1. Make sure your Digitakt is updated to the newest version.
Older versions of the Digitakt firmware won’t work.

2. If you are using Windows make sure the ports you are using are disabled in the Ableton Live preferences (Windows cannot share MIDI ports with multiple applications).

3. Make sure you have “send transport” enabled in the Digitakt settings menu. If you can’t find the setting, see #1

I haven't looked inside yet but it doesn't seem to work when soloing FX return tracks.

You will need Max for Live to use this.

Version 0.3.1 only works in session mode.

I have a version in the works to be able to use arrangement mode. It’s many times more complicated to achieve due to the lack of arrangement information provided through the Live Object Model.

I will post the update when I have something working reasonably well.

I was going to add Volume/Pan/Send potentially but it’s being officially supported now. I’ll leave this up for people still on Live 9 or those who don’t want to update Live.

Thanks! I hate caviar too :)

* Updated to 0.3.1 *Graphics weren't centered and it was bugging me. (not final UI yet either way).

All of the controls on this are really clunky. You can't even set the note easily for the MIDI control let alone any of the other controls. The text everywhere is tiny and contrasts horribly with the background. Loops are very difficult to set and move around. Basically the entire user interface is really bad.

You could pretty much do everything this does with a rack of a few simplers, filter, and delay. Wish I could get my $40 back. Deleted the pack.


I did some more tinkering and watching signals to the "Console 1"
on-screen display app. Really no new information to be shared about the communication to and from the app unfortunately; I still think the information is encrypted. If you find out anything more please let me know.

As of 1.1 the controller does everything "to" Ableton Live that the official supported control does (when using the AU version of the plugin). It's just not bi-directional (Ableton Live doesn't update the console 1 controller).

I have some ideas to add functionality to the controller that doesn't exist with the official control.

Things like:
Jumping around the arrangement with markers.

Possibly typing in numerical data to move to certain positions using the track numbers as a keypad.

I was also thinking of making a second application that allows you to use only Ableton Live plugins (or some select 3rd party VST's like Fabfilter stuff) instead of Console 1 plugins. Though this would probably be a different Max device.

I have a lot of Max projects/ideas in the works but, if you have more ideas for the Console 1 track follow let me know and I'll try to add them if they make sense.

Version 1.1 is available now! :)

@ Nyl

I think I may have had this happen to me too. I'll try to find the bug and put a fix in an update after I release the new version.

It's been a bit but I may have just unplugged the controller and plugged it back in to get it working again.

The update includes the return channels and the master channel as well :)

Hi all,

Now that I'm seeing some confirmed reports of it working for others I'll start working on the finished update. It's already working so I just need to clean up some things. I was working on a bunch of unrelated projects at my house and hadn't gotten back around here until now. I'll do my best to get the update posted this week.


It may be possible eventually but Softube hasn't released any information to use. From the hacking and monitoring around I've done it looks like the information is sent over a local network connection. Even the Sysex is confusing because it's always changing. I think the data may be encrypted by Softube and could explain why it's always changing on every press of a key. I just got lucky and noticed that one bit of the Sysex data didn't change and was unique to each button press. This is how I was able to hack this together. The rest is just creative use of Max for Live to get it to work. If I figure it out communicating with the Console 1 controller I'll post it here right away.

It sounds as if you are using it correctly. Double check your MIDI in and out preferences. I only have one Console 1 controller to test with so hopefully there isnt something different with the Sysex messages from controller to controller.

I plan to release an update soon that uses an external to bypass all of the MIDI setup. The update also has any number of return tracks and master track selection implemented. I just have to clean it up and pack everything.

My bigger hope would be getting info from Softube so I could do a full integration. Not sure that’s even possible though.

If anybody has this working on their setup I’d appreciate if you’d let me know. I have no way of knowing (testing)if the sysex varies from unit to unit.