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I can't seem to make it work. put in on midi track behind instrument?

this doesn't seem to work for me. not dots show up and only 1 track seems to run.

so each time you press on Arecibo Row, does it generate a random digital sequence or are they hardwired? I see how you build up a sequence doing layers, but I'm interested to know if we can alter each arecibo row "digits"

thank you! great!

This is really great! Can you create your own patterns?

I love this. Thank you!

Thanks so much!

I think it would be really helpful to have an initialized preset and a good default place to start.

thank you for the this wonderful device. I love it!

this looks amazing, thank you! Is there a way to reset the grids to some kind of good starting place or initialization?

I got this and the download version at the Ableton site is version 1.1. Is there an updated version that we can download or is the version number wrong at the Ableton page?


I assumed from the manual that the selection areas were recordable and modulatable but it seems super buggy. I can't really tell if it actually records my movements. The selection boxes don't move after recording. Just the start indicator and it seems really imprecise and jerky. As a result, its not really useable to control.

Another thing is that I assumed I could change the pitch and speed of the sample selection separately but the only way I see to change the speed of the selection is to change the pitch.

Its pretty fun and cool though. Just for my purposes, I don't know how useful it will be without these 2 forementioned items

thanks for any help...

works and is perfect for what I need. thank you!!