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Name/Version: DrumLauncher 0.2
Author: bassnote  
Description: A device for Novation Launchpad to make it into a 1 bar beat drum machine, splits the launch pad into 8 x 4 segments (top and bottom) then visually indicates what part of the bar is playing and lets you place where you want the beats to be placed.

Here is a link to a Vimeo Video of me demonstrating it:

Because I am using the MatrixControll object to deliver 3 values, the picture may not display correctly - if this is the problem please download and put it in the max search path. (Mine is Mac HD/Applications/Max5/patches/picts/m4l-picts/)

Hope you enjoy my first Max for Live device.

Please give my your opinions for other features / how it works on other computers!

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Downloads: 6695
Tags drum, hardware
Live Version Used: 8.2
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Oct 26 2010 18:59:52
Date Last Updated: Oct 26 2010 19:13:35
Average Rating (3) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: drumlauncher.0.2.amxd


Cool, thanks! I'm on XP; downloaded yr png, it works simple & clear. Can not seem to get the preset thing working though.
Nice app!

great simple sequencern thx for sharing. Presets don't work for me

thanks for feedback, I am going to try and re-write the preset bit as want to make it talk to ableton to be able to store and recall midi parts from the sequencer... though this might be a pain to try and implement! But I think it would be useful...


yes indeed definitely Peter :)

Yep workin beautyfully apart from preset function.

Great sequencer. Working very well apart from the presets.

Thank for this great sequencer. beautiful work!

Nice one,Thank you !

Bummer the presets don't appear to work, otherwise this would be really cool

Presets don't work and note display in device GUI os messed up (Windows) Great device!

Is this broken in Live 9? I can't seem to actually trigger notes from the Launchpad anymore... :(

Yes, it appears to be broken in live 9.1/max6.1.5

I have the same problem using Live 9.1 and Max For Live 6.1.5.
When I press the key on launchpad, it doesn?t assign it.
I can not see the whole picture of drum sequencer.

Otherwise I can say that it?s great device to work with Launchpad.

It?s possible to assign more than for samples at the time, or 4 is fixed?


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