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CC to MIDI scale Plus Version 2.0
CC to MIDI note trigger Version 1.0
VIZZable.FX.breathr Version .7
MIDI File One Shotter - easy Version 1.0
MIDI File One Shotter -too Version 1.3
Little Sustain Trick Version 1.1
CC Toggle Trick Version 1.0
CC to MIDI Scale Version 1.0
Super Phaser 16 Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 8,339

Comments by manysounds


You'd BEST be donating a fair portion of this money to FREESOUND!!!!!!!

Not working

Add more maquams!

Like.... my brain has melted.


Thank you. This is a great replacement for Mapulator

Autogain compensation preferred. Limiter will mess up the tones... unless that's what we're going for


This makes me sad. Not that this is the place for it but...
This 432 nonsense has to stop. So much disinformation, lies, and made up numerology. Look, if your going to go this way then go all the way and use pythagorean temperament also, otherwise you're not following the supposed "facts" that this is based on.
Nobody in history ever tuned to 432hz until recently. Nobody. Not Verdi. No one. Not a single culture or group anywhere. The number 432 is generated from a pile of assumptions and made up equations that have little basis in reality and accuracy. Hell, mankind couldn't even measure how long a second was until 150 years ago so how could we measure vibrations per second. Bach's organ was tuned to 480hz and his harpsichord to 422. So please just quit it.

Sorry. Pet peeve. Love :)

You, of course, should be using a measurement microphone for best result although any microphone will probably be able to detect any obvious issues.

Good show :)

Thank you for saving me the time and trouble making this :)

This v1 version not function in Live 9.1/Max 6.1.5

Yes, this doesn't work in Live 9.1/Max 6.1.5

Thankyou, this thing "makes it easy" for me to sometimes also :)

O and the clip creating part of this makes this one of the best things I've dled from this site. Thanks

annnnnnnd then suddenly works. Not sure what I did but I imagine you're missing a loadbang or a thisdevice or something

Almost excellent but not behaving correctly in Live9.1/max6.1.5 on a Launchpad S. The top right button "vol" is green and does nothing, not able to switch tracks either.

Yes, it appears to be broken in live 9.1/max6.1.5

How did I not see this in the past? You're awesome, thank you :)

(bought the suite)