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About Sonoquilibrium: Sonoquilibrium team works on Vibrational, Overtone & Sound Healing Sound Productions.
In our work are included also projects with Natural Sounds.

Sonoquilibrium audio team works also on audio engineering services (Sound Design,Sound Production, DJing, Remixes, Sound Composition)

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I have a question about triggering MIDI inputs with external MIDI controllers, is it possible? Or the visuals of colors are generated only by selected pitch and rhythm?

Thank you, Sonoquilibrium

Hi !

I found it wonderful!
I like it very much!

My question is about triggering video clips inside the drum rack.
Is it possible to trigger them only with the keyboard or also with Launchpad?


I found many drum Sequencers which don´t work in Live 9.1 and Max for Live 6.1.5.

Do anyone knows which melodic and drum sequencers work in Live 9?

I have the same problem using Live 9.1 and Max For Live 6.1.5.
When I press the key on launchpad, it doesn´t assign it.
I can not see the whole picture of drum sequencer.

Otherwise I can say that it´s great device to work with Launchpad.

It´s possible to assign more than for samples at the time, or 4 is fixed?