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Name | Version: Parameter Rotation 2
Author: dennisdesantis
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Rotates the pitches, durations, velocities, or other single parameters of the selected MIDI notes to the right or left, leaving all other note parameters untouched.

version 2
Dennis DeSantis
January 10, 2021

The concept of pitch rotation is discussed in the chapter "Creating Variation 3: Note Transformations" in my book 'Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers.'

1) Weird things happen if you try to rotate pitches with chords selected; it's best used for monophonic lines (and this is really the only context in which pitch rotation makes sense anyway.)
2) When rotating durations, notes may become long enough to extend into an existing note of the same pitch. In this case, the extended note will be shortened so as not to destroy the next note. This means that your durations may *change*.

0.6 - If no notes are selected, all of the notes in the clip are selected automatically. If the clip contains no notes, nothing happens.

0.8 - Velocities and durations can also be rotated. Changed name of device accordingly.

2 - Updated to work with new note parameters added in Live 11 (probability, velocity range, release velocity). Additionally, any per note/MPE parameters (slide, pressure, etc.) will be retained when rotating other parameters. When using Parameter Rotation in versions of Live earlier than 11, these new parameters won't be accessible.

This device replaces Pitch Rotation (


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8.1.9
Date Added: Jun 09 2017 07:46:13
Date Last Updated: Jan 09 2021 23:29:41
Downloads: 1219
License: None
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Device File: Parameter Rotation.amxd


thank you a lot for this amazing device.
your patch id really examplary.
great stuff - is it just me though or is duration rotation not working as it should - it seems to just move the rotations out of the clip bounds and not "rotate" around on the start and end of clip

anyway, super nice
Hi hatyn,

I *think* duration is working as expected, but bugs are certainly possible! Can you send me a Set or a video that demonstrates what you're experiencing, and what's not working as you expect?

One thing - the device doesn't really have anything to do with the start and end markers in the clip. It operates on the selected notes (or every note if there's no selection), no matter where they are in the clip.

ah great! thanks for the response - i understand what was happening - I assumed only the notes within the loop points were selected and rotated around, not the entire clip - and also I understand more how the duration might get modified as closeby notes deal with overlapping duration as noted in the changelog. All is good!
Thanks for this!

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