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Name | Version: Harpeggiator 1.3
Author: WillSavin
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: An arpeggiator with a twist, this device lets you create arpeggios by sweeping across held notes in every octave, like a glissando on a harp, hence the name. You can sweep manually with a fader or knob, automate it, or use an LFO or sidechain signal to dynamically control the arpeggiator. Also functions well as a MIDI guitar strummer.

30/03/17 UPDATE: Version 1.3
- Fixed bugs in JS code

12/03/17 UPDATE: Version 1.2
- Switched note handling from JS to Max for performance improvement and to give note events priority. This fixes the glitch where notes are dropped when navigating the Live device chain.

06/03/17 UPDATE: Version 1.1
- Added full keyboard display

- Added "All octaves" toggle
- On state copies all held notes across every octave
- Off state allows user to sweep over held notes only

- Added "active direction" control
- Allows user to disable sweeping in either direction, allowing for only rising or falling arpeggiation

- Added current sweep position on keyboard

- Added current sweep range display on keyboard

- Improved UI

- Reduced sweep range to 88 key piano range


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.3.3
Date Added: Mar 05 2017 18:59:23
Date Last Updated: Apr 14 2017 18:01:19
Downloads: 3278
License: AttributionNoDerivatives
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Device File: Harpeggiator1.3.amxd


Hello Will!
How to use this?
I drop it on the midi channel, but it does not work.
Hi Westboy,
Once the device is on a channel, you should see any currently held notes (cyan) on the keyboard display. When you turn the 'Sweep' dial, any of those notes which are passed by the sweep (yellow) are then played by whichever instrument/synthesiser device you are using on that track.
I hope this helps, if you still can't get it to work I'd be very grateful if you could send me some more information or screenshots of the device as it appears in your project so I can try and fix the issue.
When the device is on a channel, I see all notes Grey on the keyboard display (not cyan)
You can look it on the this pic -
I've just uploaded a new version of the device, this might fix it but if not could you check one more thing for me? If you try to turn the min range past the max range or vice versa, is the other range dial moved with it so that the min can't be higher than the max?
With new version I see white/black keys and cyan when I touch the keys, but I have no sounds from my vst when Harpeggiator open.
With new version I see white/black keys and cyan when I touch the keys, but I have no sounds from my vst when Harpeggiator open.
I've tested the newest version on 3 different computers and it's working fine on all of them, on Windows and OSX. I'm not sure what the problem could be, are you using Max 7.3.3? And are you certain you are using the device correctly? Notes are only played when the sweep dial is moving, try attaching it to the M4L Essentials LFO to turn it automatically.
Will, I'm seeing an error that suggests that you've not included the js as part of the patch....

js • can't find file displayRange.js
js • bad outlet index 0 [notes.js]

Is it possible that you didn't add this when you froze the device
Thank you for pointing out those errors, I think somehow displayRange.js wasn't included while the others were. The bad outlet error was due to functions being called in JS before the patch had fully loaded, but I don't think that was causing any problems in the patch. I have fixed both of these issues now, thanks for the help!
I understood how it works
Thank you Will for your great works!
Nice, thanks !
Works Good with an Lfo at (rate 1) mapped to the sweep.
Hi Will, thanks for this useful device! I'd really love to be able to get all 128 MIDI notes in the octave range if that's possible... :)


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