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@iloyd : sorry for the slow response. My guess is that your Record Quantization is set to 1/16. When I set it to None, Rendering sounds perfect and frozen as well. Let me know if that worked ok for you!

@braduro : Can't you manage the device file so that you reference the preset to the device? Or do you have to that everytime?

Does this happen to everyone? I've never downloaded any M4L device with presets so I can't see for myself.

Thanks you two! I did send it to Christian Kleine. :)

@iloyd : thanks, will check this out, although I doubt that's something I could correct inside the patch...

Hi Will, thanks for this useful device! I'd really love to be able to get all 128 MIDI notes in the octave range if that's possible... :)


Hey, thanks for this really useful and simple device! I'm having some problems with it ever since I upgraded to High Sierra though (I think...not sure if it's related...). Every time I do a render, the device stops outputting notes (so no output for that track on the render and no output after that). I have to load the device again for it to work again. Would it be possible to fix this? :)


Really useful device for live performance! Thanks!

I have one small problem: when I map the Transpose button to a Note Value on my controller, it only alternates between On and Off rather than reacting like it would when you click on it. My FCB1010 somehow can't send CC messages that trigger actions on and off (like a click), so I need to use Note values instead (like for Looper). Do you think it would be possible to make the Transpose button react as it should with Note Values? That would make my live performance so much easier. Thanks! :)


Thanks for this device! Very intuitive and easy-to-use while offering lots of possibilities.

There seems to be a problem with the Reset button, as every time I click it the drums continue to play and the lights go out when the vertical scroller passes only to reappear when the sequence starts again.

Some ideas:
- Would you consider adding the possibility to save and recall presets? There are simple patterns I'd like so start with and then change on the fly. Maybe the right column of buttons could be used to change presets on the fly?
- Maybe use a right-column button for Scroll On/Off. Or replace the Start/Stop button with it, as this is not so useful in performance.


Hey there! Is there any way to fix that bug AkaMed mentioned? I prefer your pitch shifter to other ones I've seen, but it's just a little annoying the fact that I have to readjust the pitch each time I reopen my sets.