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Name/Version: Voodoohop Live Tools - Harmonic and Tempo mixing 1.03
Author: voodoohop  
Description: Ableton Live Harmonic mixing and tempo addons

Important! you need to follow the link to download the application. the device i uploaded here won't do anything by itself.

- shows the waveforms of tracks playing in a convenient floating window
- reads the warp markers of the audio files and shows the properly warped waveform with the aligned playing positions
- if you have a software like mixed in key or the free keyfinder it will read the key tags and color the waveforms accordingly
- transposing the clips in live will change the color of the waveform allowing you to quickly match the audio harmonically
- harmonic wheel showing relationship between playing songs and how pitching them will change their harmony
- choose between different key notations (camelot, open key and traditional)
- midi-mappable zoom of the waveforms
- apart from the tracks that are currently playing it will also show the waveform and harmony of the clip currently selected in live's detail view
- can update the color and name of the selected clip inside the live set, reflecting its harmony
- the waveform display contains an inner waveform which visualizes the low end portion of the audio

and more which i forgot...


The Max for Live device is meant to be put on each track in your Live set you want to monitor. It sends the information about the currently playing clip to the Voodoohop Live Tools application which then analyses the metadata etc.

Sorry about the file size. I will reduce it at some point.

To hide and show the window from anywhere you can press Ctrl-Shift-V.

In order for the program to read the warp markers correctly you need to hit the little "save" button on the clip's detail view.


Please give me feedback.

If you are interested in participating in development send me a message. The application is written with node.js and react. A small Max for Live device sends the data from the live set to the application.

Thanks to the feedback from a bunch of you and some spare time i managed to improve the Voodoohop Live Tools.


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Downloads: 2318
Tags utility, other, dj
Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.2
Date Added: Aug 24 2016 09:49:31
Date Last Updated: Dec 21 2018 12:56:09
Average Rating (3) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Voodoohop Live Tools Dowloader.amxd


Hi, can't get it to work - it show nothing after adding a sender and launching an app

Hi, can't get it to work - it show nothing after adding a sender and launching an app

main application says "not enough data"

Can you try redownloading the Max for Live device using the "Download Device" button?

Use that device instead of the zipped version and let me know if it works now.

I have just updated it.

Tried both versions of the m4l - just get the "not enough data" message

sometimes aiff files were giving me a hard time. have you tried wav or mp3?

Tried both versions of the m4l - just get the "not enough data" message

just uploaded a new version. let me know if it works! need to redownload both the app and the device

Wow this thing is absolutely amazing. If you DJ or would like to DJ in Ableton this device is game changer. It totally remedies some of the major flaws when trying to DJ in Live. Very elegant device. I love how the waveforms are represented in the colors of the Camelot wheel. Great work, with a doubt one of the best things I have seen on here!!!

This is one of the well thought and constructed devices, fully covering one of the main Ableton drawback - great work, Voodoohop!

Wow this is amazing!!! Ive been looking for something similar to this!

As of right now its hit or miss. sometimes it will pull up the information of the file. and sometimes it wont. is there a way you could add a "refresh" or "reanalyze" button to the app?

Sorry I haven't been responding here.

I've been slowly fixing some bugs related to the analysis of some file formats, special characters in filenames, performance and more.

the application should let you automatically update when you start it and there is a new version available.

curtified: i'm trying to keep the interface as minimal as possible so i haven't added a reanalyse butten yet. in theory it should recognise based on the file's modified dates whether it needs to reanalyze the audio.

if the problems persist i could easily add a reanalyze button though. let me know through here or write an email to

Hi there!
With download device button I only get Voodoohop Live Tools Master device. Where can I get device for every track?
And with your link in description I can download popup application which will detect key transitions and so on, am I right?

I just want to let you know that this is a game changer in my work flow!! Really genius!! Thank you for creating this and updating it!!

On win10 64bit does not work?
Or maybe I have other problem?
Please help me



can you give me a more detailed description of your problem? for some reason the avast virus scanner labels the app as insecure. you need to disable it before using

Hi Voodoohop!
Youve made mention of the file size since your first release. It never bothered me but for the question as to what is causing the size. Are there a lot of libraries, graphic files, or code to clean up?

The reason the file size is so big is that we are using Electron which packages a whole Chrome browser to display the user interface.

If we remove Electron and use the browser already installed on the system to display the window we could reduce the size to a couple of megabytes. Will take a few months though before I can get around to it.

Wow! What a great tool! Thanx a lot!

Thanks so much for this!

I've been editing app.asar to increase the overall window size of the waveforms.

Originally set to 300 pixels, I upped it to 700 and get a nice big waveform.

case 2:
windowOpts = {
width: 700,

Is there any chance you will make this window re-sizable by dragging corners? I'd love to get bigger waveforms without editing stuff :)

On Mac the window is resizable. I had assumed it works on the Windows version too. Will test and fix it asap

On window It is not resizable. Can you help us Voodoohop? . Thank you, Excellent tool

How can I use the interface in split view?

Thanks a lot! So far it's working good for me, I'm on Live 10.1.30.

Would be amazing if someone could get the Interface, either just the Waveforms or the whole thing, to display in the Push 2 Screen. That would be epic! Might be getting greedy ;)

Hey! I'd love to continue working on this but was kind of busy recently. Can you drop me a line to for any feature requests/bugs?

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