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What they said.. the js file is missing.

I just want to let you know that this is a game changer in my work flow!! Really genius!! Thank you for creating this and updating it!!

Wow this is amazing!!! Ive been looking for something similar to this!

As of right now its hit or miss. sometimes it will pull up the information of the file. and sometimes it wont. is there a way you could add a "refresh" or "reanalyze" button to the app?

if you could add a way to show how much gain is being corrected that would be awesome!! Id like to use your tool to get my sounds where they need to then add a stock utility to set the final gain.

Been using this for years now. I just noticed for some reason the Major Pentatonic scale is actually Minor Pentatonic. Maybe its just a glitch?

Also sometimes when I load a session the preset goes back to default.

Any thoughts in updating the device??

@margmoz Search for "The Poser" on here. Its exactly what youre looking for.

I see this is no longer for sale? I cant find it on the Isotonik site either. Would you be willing to offer it up for a free download now?