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Hi Mirko

Apologies! I've only just seen your reply! I wish the site would email when there's been a reply!

Yes I'll email you the current patch, someone else has just emailed me as well so I'll be curious to see how some other users get on with it.

I've been using it for a few months now and it's been so handy being able to Loop on multiple tracks at once. Although there are still a few kinks to iron out!

Hi guys, just wanted to provide an update - I've managed to figure out a workaround that lets you Loop Clips independently, ie you can activate and deactivate loops on multiple clips / tracks at the same time. In addition you can change the loop length (Half/Double).

The Device uses the Playing Position to derive the Loop in position and then calculates the loop out accordingly.

It's a bit of a fudge but seems stable so far!

My M4L coding isn't the best so I'm not going to publish it yet, however if you'd like a copy of the device just let me know and I'll email it you!


David (FOTN)

Hi Malov!

I don't want to speak for Jiggler, but I think they're looking for a function that I've also been trying to figure out for years too - having the ability to loop multiple tracks independently, without having to select the track first?

So for example with this device - perhaps it would look like being able to drop an instance of the device onto each Track that you want to be able to loop, and then the device carries out the function on the clips on the track it is loaded onto (rather than whichever clip is currently selected).

That way you could map a controller to be able to activate a loop on track 1, while ending a loop on track 2 and jumping ahead 1 bar in track 3 all at the same time without having to select each track one by one.

That would be extremely useful!!

Thanks a lot! So far it's working good for me, I'm on Live 10.1.30.

Would be amazing if someone could get the Interface, either just the Waveforms or the whole thing, to display in the Push 2 Screen. That would be epic! Might be getting greedy ;)

Dude, this patch is super useful! Going to save me hours off faffing around going into the settings every time I want to change something.

Thanks a lot!

I just spent all day creating this exact controller - only to stumble across yours today!

I think yours might be a bit better implemented than mine though!

The one thing I might suggest to add is the 'Display Triangle' to the Dual Dial? That way a user can click it to centre the controller?

Good stuff! :)