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Name | Version: AtoVproject Technocity 1.1.2
Author: AtoVproject
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: The Technocity Stage Sequencer is based on the awesome idea introduced with the RYK M-185 sequencer for the Roland System 100m which has then been produced under license by Intelijel for the Eurorack system in the form of their brilliant Metropolis.

The main idea behind these 8-step sequencers is simple but extremely inspiring. The unusual feature is that each step (called stage in that case) can be repeated up to 8 times with different play modes.


All these devices are really expensive and not everyone can afford a 600 $ monophonic sequencer, given that you already own a Eurorack or Roland 100m modular systems.

So here I have the pleasure to give you the Technocity 8 Stage Sequencer for MaxForLive .

The same philosophy from the M-185 and Metropolis have been applied to the Technocity. Each of the 8 stages is set to one note and can last up to 8 steps. Each stage has 4 play modes (repeat, one note, one note sustained or silent), each step can also be accented or played portamento (slide) from the previous stage. You also have control over the Clock with unconventional timing available (quituplet, seventuplets), swing, gate length, velocity etc…

I also made an extension device that allows you to have an extra 8 stages to make even more complex sequences.

PS: A fully featured user manual is included with the download (you can also download the manual separately on the website if you wish to)


After a few months of sharing and more than a thousand downloads it is time to take Technocity to the next level!

I am very please to introduce the Version 1.1 of the Technocity sequencer!

Lots of new functionalities have been implemented including Pattern memory, Program Change recall, Random generation of patterns, Dynamic Random variations with probability controls, a new note input system and new midi in option. Everything has been embedded in a whole new and shiny sub-menu (Visit us on the website for detailed description of the new functions)

Import and Export of individual patterns is now possible.
Mapping of Random and Reset buttons has been implemented.
A few CPU optimizations has been done.

-Push Mapping!
-Range dial for randomly generated notes
-Note input improved
-Memory slot indicator

I literally give it for real, it is free! Of course donation would be really appreciated!

Also, feel free to contact me! I want my devices to be as good as possible so really don’t hesitate contacting me if you find any bug or if you have any suggestions!

I’ll read every email and answer them as fast as possible.

Please pay us a visit on our website for more info! Just follow the link below.

Your can also follow me on Facebook to receive notification every time I'll release an update or a new device!


Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: May 31 2016 13:05:45
Date Last Updated: Dec 07 2016 08:46:23
Downloads: 9222
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Really great product! The best sequencer I have tried so far. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!
Really great product! The best sequencer I have tried so far. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!
Love this sequencer! Lots of great features to add nice variations to your sequences. Nice work
Thank you! It was made with lots of love! If you have any further suggestions let me know!
Thank you! It was made with lots of love! If you have any further suggestions let me know!
it's a great M4L device
if you can make more parameter contronl by push then it's better!!
for now i can only control the pitch and repeat.
if you can make mode and on/off to be control that would be nice!
Kapetan 's MK16-185 has a slider for mode change i think it's cool
Hey Buzzhoot,

I made a few improvements to the sequencer and I will include the controls for the push.

Controls for the Push sounds promising, but it would be wonderful if you could also work on steps directly in the Push pad layout.
Hey Stromkraft,

Saddly for now it will support only the knob edition. I do not own a push so it makes it a bit difficult for me at the moment to make anything more complicated than knob controls.
But there is hope, I might get a push in the future and if that actually happen I will definitely look deeper into that!

Just came here to thank you for this amazing device. Spent a couple of days with it with no regret.
Was actually looking for metropolis software device to see if I want to buy the module. This offers so much fun for now. Will be using this for now.

You actually saved me from spending €600 ;)

I'm glad to hear that you like the device!
Once again a new update is coming soon! This time there will be slower clock and some probability filter (same sort of thing as on a Beatstep pro)

If you guys like the device I would forever grateful if you consider a little donation! It supports my work and motivates me to make even more devices!
Click donate in the parameter section of the device ;)

Thx a lot. Nice.
I've downloaded a fair amount of patches to try out and so far this is easily the most useful, well done Max For Live device I've had. Gave it a 5 star rating as it's *that* good. Thanks for coding this up for us! Excellent device!
Thank you! exactly what I've been looking for

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