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Thanks for this! I was wanting to use this as well...though I couldn't figure out how to 'Liveified " it. :D ..I just don't know enough yet to do that so thanks!

I've downloaded a fair amount of patches to try out and so far this is easily the most useful, well done Max For Live device I've had. Gave it a 5 star rating as it's *that* good. Thanks for coding this up for us! Excellent device!

No sound for me either...

Hi, I have standalone Max but I can still use M4L patches but sometimes I run into error messages. Also, I'm just starting out so a beginner. :D

I am getting this error when patching up this M4L device. Any ideas of how to fix this error? It's sound great in Ableton 10 (I have trial version only :( ).

"gen could not find gen patcher rampsmooth.dsp" comes up in the console.

Just bought Max 8 standalone (I'm a beginner) and couldn't be happier. I assume I can use this as a plug-in in Max 8. You have put in a serious amount of work with all of these programs...very impressed!