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Name | Version: Automize Midi Controller 1.0
Author: CharlyBeck
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This little tool allows you to control a midi parameter with the live automation view. i found this gives a much better overview rather than automating the controller inside the midi clip.


Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.2.1
Date Added: Mar 28 2016 18:27:18
Date Last Updated: Mar 28 2016 19:53:24
Downloads: 650
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: Cb_AutomizeMidiController_v1_0.amxd


I'm confused - can't this already be done natively just by click on the parameter first and having it show up in the automation lane?
On which parameter? As far as i know midi cc can only be automated inside the clip..... shame on me if there's allready a solution ;-)
Appendix: This device is built for sending Midi controllers to external hardware synths.

As far as i see there is currently no way to automate single midi controllers in the automation view. Using this device makes it possible.

Note: We are not talking about software synths here. Those parameters can be natively automated in the automation view. as broah mentioned...
After six years there are some other m4L devices who can do the job - but sometimes show strange erratic behaviour / create random values.
Lucky me I found your device because it's unfailing and reliable.

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