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Name | Version: Drum Articulate 1.0
Author: maxforcats
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Drum Articulate is a MIDI effect that allows you to programme sophisticated drums and rhythms for any music style with ease. It can be placed on individual pads of an Ableton Live Drum Rack, used globally on a whole kit or even be employed for synth programming and effects. Effortlessly create drum rolls, flams, random triggers and more.

Drum Articulate also does wonders to any other MIDI instrument or can be combined with other MIDI effects for even more fireworks. Seriously awesome to use in the studio and especially on stage!


Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.2
Date Added: Jan 07 2016 04:03:12
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 3

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License: AttributionShareAlike
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I don't understand how to download this. I have Arp, (max4live essentials), where do I update it to Drum Articulate? Only way to download it i see is to pay for it with PayPal, but I thought it was free to existing users. Thx!
your purchase process is ANNOYING. please tell people that AFTER paying you money for the product they are forced to register to your website just to be able to download what they've paid for. pre-checked "yes I want to receive spam mail from sonic bloom" box included. Never again.
@willieraylewis: simply login to your SonicBloom account and navigate to 'my account' BUT: this applies only for users of ARP ONE, not of the now free ARP from the Max Essentials.

@rozze: acknowledged. SonicBloom has a shop optimisations planned. You can easily decide if you want to receive a newsletter or not.
Actually this is the proper URL:

I get a 404 on the Download URL above.

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