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About maxforcats: maxforcats makes wild max devices, stray samples and furry sound design.
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Devices by maxforcats

Push 2 Pedal Expression Version 1.0
Stochastic Delay by Max for Cats Version 1.0
Note Trap Version 1.0
Digital Version 1.0
Ensemble Version 1.0
Arp One Version 1.0
Chord Memorizer Version 1.0
Gratis Hits bundle Version 1.0
Ploid Version 1.0
Chord Transposer Version 1.0
GateWay by Max for Cats Version 1.0
Noland and NolandFX by Max for Cats Version 1.0
CatStretch by Max for Cats Version 1.0
HauntedVerb by Max for Bats Version 1.0
Audio Treasure by Max for Cats Version 1.0
OSCiLLOT Modular System Version 1.1.1
OSCiLLOT Lite Version 1.0
Max version check Version 1.0
Skram Delay by Max for Cats Version 1.0
DJ Filter Version 1.0
Xfade Bus System 2000 Version 1.0
Timer Version 1.0
Drum Articulate Version 1.0
TriggerTune Version 1.0
Meeehssive Version 1.0
Noland2 Version 1.0
Color Version 1.0
ConChord by Max for Cats Version 1.0
Studio Tools Version 1.0
Bones by Max for Cats Version 1.0
SynthieCat by Max for Cats Version 1.1
808-Aid Version 1.0
Midi Monitor F Version 1.0
ResoTaps Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 14,184

Comments by maxforcats


Very nice!

Very nice! A different approach than my Bertha and probably more focused on Hammonds - quite like your rotary speaker here.

Very nice!

ConChord if fully MIDI-controllable and of course also via Push...

Ah, ok. i read misleading info about this. Fixed now, thanks all.

If you point me to the definition that a commercial licence can't be share alike, which i explicitly state, i will happily change the licence. Thanks!

@willieraylewis: simply login to your SonicBloom account and navigate to 'my account' BUT: this applies only for users of ARP ONE, not of the now free ARP from the Max Essentials.

@rozze: acknowledged. SonicBloom has a shop optimisations planned. You can easily decide if you want to receive a newsletter or not.

You need to freeze the device before uploading in order to make all code dependencies self-contained.

@ Buzzr - Feedback will be adressed.
@ Softbass: screenshots are now all online in the oscillot section at

Yes, the idea is indeed to get more modern and even esoteric modules in the not so distant future but for the initial 1.0 release, these ~100 modules are a very good starting point.

Ok, list now in the posting.

You might always check for new modules etc. - there's already a new Oscillator in the Oscillator section. ^_^
The modules are listed in categories on the page...

I agree - for v1 my goal was to have automatable yet storable xy movements so my task for v2 will be to have this system controllable with ipads/QunNeos etc. - it'll take some time though...Thanks!

An oversight on my part - thanks for spotting.

Btw: Any of these paid devices include support, lessons and manuals (in some cases) plus they have been tested on 32/64 bit PC and Macs.

p.s.: currently on flash sale @ableton



The Note Trap works indeed with note messages.
A gate passes note on messages to the grid, a note off closes the gate, at the same time it triggers the sequencer.
The sequencer goes through the matrix and looks if there are dots on the grid. The dots again are additional note triggers which are squeezed into the right scale/tonic with the 'modes' / 'tonic' parameters. The result is a lovely melody and chords which can be transposed depending on the incoming note value.
I recommend to play a instrument where the sustain is turned down for best results.

Here's a quick demo set with 2 tracks and Operators (i hope this works for you).