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Name | Version: r-chain-d-m 2.0
Author: rdm
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: i would call this one a "sidechain-modulator".
You can use incoming audio to modulate ANY Live Parameter, ANY parameter of your Vst Instruments and ANYTHING capable of receiving midi data (cc,notes)

1) Drop this patch inside of the audio track you want to use as modulation source.
2) In the upper box choose the Device, in the lower box choose its parameter.
3) Set modulation range with ModMin and ModMax. "ModOut" gives you some visual feedback.
4) Make nasty noises.

* You can control every parameter with your Keyboard aswell, use MidiLearn to do so.
** Somehow the ModMin/Max Values fuck up on startup, so click "ResetMods" on start.
*** If you drop new Devices after loading this Patch use "GetDevices" to refresh the list.
**** If you find any bugs, contact me or deal with it.

----Update 2.0-----

* i added menus to select the target range for each Modulator. its still 0 - 1 default. if you try to modulate a parameter (e.g. a macro) and the knob is just moving from 0 to 1, then select 0 - 127 in the umenu.

* this is the "more open patch" i also added a few notes here and there to explain whats going on.

* make me feel loved. visit my blog, download some of my tracks. thank you


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Apr 22 2010 13:19:59
Date Last Updated: Apr 25 2010 09:21:28
Downloads: 4837
License: None
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Device File: r-chain-d-m_2.0.amxd


Fantastic idea!!!
I've got a problem, I've got the device on the track that I'm using as mod source.
Got overdrive on another track that I want to modulate.
Overdrive selected in top box.
Drive in bottom.
No matter what values I use the drive on the distortion never makes it past 1%, it does effect it but only between 0% and 1%
@ Thomsonaudio

Iam aware about this and iam working on it.

The thing is... the modulators are showing values from 0 - 127 but are actually scaled form 0 -1, because most of the parameters you can configure, especially those of Vst Devices have min and max values of 0 and 1.

Macros and most of the knobs comming with Live have ranges from 0 - 127. So iam about to add a little menu for each mod wich lets you select the target range.

give me a day or two.
Excellent stuff I will keep my eye out for the update.


hey RDM your music rocks.

unfortunately neither yours nor that dubspot guys his have the necessary (i think) calibration parameters like the peak controller in FL Studio. I use max so I might crack one of these open and add some variable feedback (decay smoothing the output). I'm so busy though .... the posts say its a mess.. it would easy to add for you though.. get what I'm saying, a smoother to the input signal so the values don't change as fast, especially decay... also a gate would be good (threshold). Check out the peak controller in FL Studio. looks cool will dl soon if not amp it
Very awesome device. It seems I side-chain compress a lot, very handy for related effects!
Hoooo, should have read the other posts better; like dildano (that nick must have cost you!) says: decay and what not...


Thank you so much for the effort in coding and thinking and cleaning and sharing!

Unfortunately i don't get any device parameters when i select a Device. Nothing happens, Parameters-Menu stays emtpy. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Awesome device, been having a lot of fun with it.

Here's a bug I ran into and haven't found a workaround for:
Somehow the "mod out" values can affect the arrangement and cause extremely heavy loads on the CPU.

More specifically, when automating the "mod min" & "mod max" controls in Live arrangement view, the "mod out" value-changes cause the the "back to arrangement"-button to light up (even though there are no automation nor mappings on these "mod out" parameters.

Could it be that you have these "mod out" values linked in some way they shouldn't be?


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