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RandruM4L Version 2.0
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@ vodoux

to invert modulation, make min larger than max.

@ mingus

i know man!
this was one thing i wanted to add, but i dont know how to get the track id's in a umenu :(

the waveform shows incoming audio...

but as soon as i press freeze no sound is coming through.. depending on dry/wet level..

@ Thomsonaudio

Iam aware about this and iam working on it.

The thing is... the modulators are showing values from 0 - 127 but are actually scaled form 0 -1, because most of the parameters you can configure, especially those of Vst Devices have min and max values of 0 and 1.

Macros and most of the knobs comming with Live have ranges from 0 - 127. So iam about to add a little menu for each mod wich lets you select the target range.

give me a day or two.

is this the official seq by novation?

why is it monophonic? weird!
but thanks for bringing this up here.. i almost forgot about it..

@ micheline

thanks for the feedback / interest..

well im about to be done patching rl for m4l.. but iam still having a few problems here and there.. e.g the random loop function does not yet work so well in live..

just check back here.. ill let you know when its out

could you tell me how you set up this thing to work with nonome?