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the utility goes on the return tracks , set Left front to only left , rf to right, etc. Try with stereo track. now you get stereo in center and just right track when hard right just left when hard left etc. without this you are summing left and right to mono and panning that and also have mono and lose stereo when centered

how can i post an update to the author ? this site should support open source version updating. I cant paste the code here either ..

you need a 5ms ramp actually (message box - $1 5) before the line~ to accommodate for bass sounds and also you need to stuck a utility to cut the right and left channels respectively per corner, or you get mono

add ,01 ms ramp time to all the line ~ objects to prevent zipper noise

Agreed. This one syncs the reverse correctly (see my comment on reverser 3). I would love longer lengths like that tool has but the time accuracy of this one.

I've tried out all the reversers on this site and only the minipeater is actually synced on reverse, however it only allows 1/4 notes for longest possible length. Check your device by sampling a section running forward, then reverse. Sample the repeating forward loop into another track in Ableton. Now reverse that audio.
Set your reverser to reverse
Sample that
Compare the files in arrangement view in 2 separate tracks. Notice your reversed sample is offset.
I even added a quantization to switch to reverse only on a bang from the metro locked to tempo and 1/4 notes, still offset. It would be awesome to have a reverser that was in time... I don't know how you or no one else on here noticed that in reverse its offset. You added a bunch of featured but the core thing should be that it's synced / exactly the same as taking chunk of audio and reversing the clip. I'd love to see an update.

Hey... I guess I could do this myself... but it would be nice if the filter at max or min completely filtered out the sound.

Great tool, thx, before I was using max proper to control para eq and its def better to just do thin in MFL now , and now i dont have to remake it :)

Retrigger mode in addition to free.
In retrigger mode note on's coming in on the same track will restart the LFO

unfortunately neither yours nor that dubspot guys his have the necessary (i think) calibration parameters like the peak controller in FL Studio. I use max so I might crack one of these open and add some variable feedback (decay smoothing the output). I'm so busy though .... the posts say its a mess.. it would easy to add for you though.. get what I'm saying, a smoother to the input signal so the values don't change as fast, especially decay... also a gate would be good (threshold). Check out the peak controller in FL Studio. looks cool will dl soon if not amp it

I'm referring to MLR mode BTW.

This is a great patch idea, but the leds for playback positioning get out of sync. When in sync there is also almost a 16th note delay at 120bpm.
It's not there yet

Unfortunately I use and APC40 as well and this method won't work with a Control Surface. You'd have to disable the script I think like in the CS Step patch. BUT! If anyone knows a way to selectively and dynamically disable Control Surface things then it could work with APC40.