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Name/Version: Omni Looper 1.6
Author: negotiator  
Description: OMNI LOOPER, a looping/beatjump tool for Clips
(post last updated on 07.05.2010, 12:50 GMT)
(SIC!: this device is no longer maintained)

key features
* easy to use, mouse and midimappable interface
* CDJ / TRAKTOR (TM) style looping
* Loop On & Off Quantization
* Auto or manual Downbeat - Align
* backward looping
* Beatjumps


In order for omnilooper to have the best effect you have to meet this conditions:
* Clip Launch Quantization must not be smaller than 1/4
* All Clips have to be correctly warped:
- clip start and clip end position is >=1st Position (they must not be set on a negative beat-index)
- clip start and clip end are located on a downbeat
- the downbeat of the clip never changes (= is always on a new bar in lives global transport)
* Tempo must not be greater than 200 BPM

0. Stop all Clips. Stop Lives Global Transport and reset it to 1.1.1 (Click Stop twice)
1. Disable follow actions on all Clips
2. Place the Loop start and the loop end markers somewhere in the middle for EACH CLIP and then switch looping off ON EVERY CLIP
***the looping functionality will be restricted to this device
3. Enable RAM mode on all clips you intend looping
***This avoids hard drive stalls while using downbeatalign***
4. Choose the desired follow action in the device

for more information view or download the readme

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Downloads: 7324
Tags utility, dj
Live Version Used: 8.1.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Apr 21 2010 14:48:50
Date Last Updated: Apr 12 2013 08:37:35
Average Rating (7) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: Omni_Loop_v1_6.amxd


Cool man, i was starting to think about breaking mine down into individual devices but it would be just a cut and paste job.... Downloading now to see what i can learn!!


well i have structured it the following way:
UICTRL sends all the values that the users modifies/enters and displays all relevant information

setLoop contains the complete application logic and also sets/disables loops

i thought that that way it would be easier to integrate it into another patcher

i will add more and more comments in the future, was just lazy in the beginning :)

i will also make the subpatcher for UICTRL downloadable in the future, as soon as i make some cosmetic changes

but as you stated on your blog , isnt it inefficient to make sends and receives? should i just solve it with inlets & outlets?

serious work, thanks


great job, but Im still waiting for loop utility wich will be able to loop each audio channel separately. For now, I am able to control for example four channel together with pushing loop lenght (1/2, 1/4 etc) from 1st channel, because your utility, which i put into other next channels, control other channel in same time.

My problem:

I have 2 channels, each has your omni loop (i use midi mapping).
In each channel i have one track.
I start to play 1st channel, second isn't playing.
I can loop 1st how i want.
BUT if I start to play 2nd channel and I start to loop 1st channel (I'm pushing loop lenght button in omni loop wich is in 1st channel), so I'm looping 2nd channel too and thats crazy and useless.

Can you fix in order to omni loop control only own channel?
If I put and I use omni loop from (via midi mapping) 1st channel it will be control only 1st channel.
If I put and I use omni loop (via midi mapping) from 2nd channel it will be control ony 2nd channel.

Sorry for so long comment.
I hope you understand what I'm meaning, my english is easy.

@gawyss: you are absulotely right, that was the idea that each channel could be looped seperately, embarassing i didnt test it *blush*

i think its just a matter of sends and receives, in this case modifiying one device sends values to all omni loop devices, and this shouldnt be a problem to fix

i will look into it when i get home right away

Exactly what I'm looking for.... great job !!

But can we loop less than 1/4 ? With a potentiometer ?

Thank you and good job !

you can loop to less than a 1/4 by pressing the 1/4 loop length button and then halving the loop with halve loop until you reach the desired loop length (min 1/16)

i will add dial loop length control in the future (added to wishlist), thx

Sends and recieves are good but i had literally thousands of them when i could have just dragged a patch cord!!

if you use s ---name and r ---name then the send and receive only work on the track in which they are contained....

Looping wouldn't go below 1/4 for me without jumping to 0 0 1 size so you go from a beat loop to the smallest glitchy noise that isn't the logical next step.... Would love to know more about potentiometers!!


thx m8, it works now!
what do you mean by your last sentence? :)

btw i have played around with the event/scheduling queuing (objects defer, deferlow, pipe & delay, preferences for scheduler & queue)
need to do more testing, but it seems that in some special cases you can completely avoid errors from; there are many variables you have to consider though

i ll also try now and dive into javascript to trigger the loops, lets hope that solves our problems

problem solved with javascript

well done dude, it works like charm :)))

However, I have little presure.
Can you synchronize OFF button with your loop quantization buttons?
If I use 1/2 and smaller (especially 1/8, 1/16) loop size it doesnt wait for first beat (I usually use 1bar quantization) and i must use beatjumpes to fix that.
And If I loop more tracks (four) in same time so its chaos.


yeah im working on it as we speak ;)

i already implemented a downbeat align feature, im currently working on loop off quantization and doing some fixes in the UI.

will release it when its finished, maybe with state of the art design if my friend designer is finished by then

btw if you want the downbeatalign feature right now i can upload it when i get home today :)

Yeah, it would be great if you could upload or send me to mail (

Thanks :)

Yeah, it would be great if you could upload or send me to mail (

Thanks :)

Yeah, it would be great if you could upload or send me to mail (

Thanks :)

omg, sorry (site was unavailable for little time and i tried to post it again and again) :))

ok i uploaded the version, squeezed loop off quant into it too :)

if you have some time play around with it, it needs some testing
(i didnt quite have the time to do it, will start tomorrow too with testing :) )

if you encounter any bugs please post, and tell me if you like it or if you want another feature

Nice, I'll check it :))

Hm, looping doesn't work at all. Comrades from NDR made a mistake somewhere:)

try putting the clip in the 2nd, 3rd slot, not in the 1st clipslot

im working on improving the beatalign, will upload the fix with improved beatalign

its fixed now, you can loop wherever you want :)

Can someone explain what auto mode and reset does? I read the guide but I still do not fully understand. Thanks!

What exactly does auto mode and reset do? I read the guide but I still do not fully understand. Thanks!

This looks great, but it's not working for me at all!

hey there is a big trouble in this device.
if you loop in a live situation you have to turn the loop off before switching to another clip, if you forget it and you have set the follow clip menu to stop , the next time you start this clip will playing once and then stop and you cant manipulate the loop anymore. pls update this for greater control.

this is the best and greatest tool i think more people would use it if it was not in such an beta mode keep working on it man.


This is a great device i have been searching for a way to loop like this since i bought my Apc. the closest i have come up with was to map the start and end loop inside the clip control section but could never figure a way to cut loop. this is great. I have an idea that i might be able to add to this but it's 6am in the morning and i haven't played around with this device some more to see i you have my suggestion covered already I'll play around with it some more and if it's not I'll post later.
Thank you for creating this device and keep up the great work.
Best regards from Florida U.S.
(Grant Carlisle)

I just wanted to say thanks for the nice device.
I'm looking forward to working with it.

I just wanted to say thanks for the nice device.
I'm looking forward to working with it.

This is really useful, thanks a lot man...
The downbeat align feature is classy.

Hey man, I have a few small questions about the looper and I was wondering if you could email me directly? I'd like to make a few small changes to use it in my sets, but I do not know Javascript that well.
My main question is if you could help me control the looping buttons through in M4L with OSC rather that assigning a midi value to them.
It would be a little easier for me to communicate with you via email. Please just send me your address, mine in Thanks a lot

Congrats negotiator, it's a great device!
I need a version with a "1/16" and "1/8" loop buttons instead of "custom".
Would you please do it for me? It will be very useful in my DJ set.
Thanks in advance

Thank you all for your feedback.
Unfortunately, I have stopped maintaining this device some while ago. You are free to modify it to your needs.

I wish there was a video of this working... I think its just what i need but can't figure out how to make it work... Does it wok on midi clips?

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