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Name | Version: Juno-106 and MKS-7 Edit 1.02
Author: roda
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Juno106Edit and MKS7Edit are Max For Live Editors for the Roland Juno-106 and MKS-7 synthesizers. They are modifications of JunoControl by Neil Bufkin ( and Fabrizio Poce (, which can be found at

Setup (same for MKS7Edit):

1. Right-click on the junorouter.maxpat file and choose Open With > Max Runtime
2. In the junorouter app that appears, select the midi port that the Juno 106 is connected to
3. Drag Juno106Edit.amxd onto a midi track in Ableton Live
4. Set the output of that track to the same port as step 2
5. Set the midi channel of Juno-106 Edit to the input channel of the Juno 106 synth


When Juno-106 Edit is opened, it automatically sends the parameter settings to the connected synth. In the case of the initial setup described above, you will hear no sound, because the volume, filter frequency, and oscillators are all turned off (set to zero). You'll need to change those parameters in order to hear audio. Once you have created a patch you like, you can save in the typical Ableton manner, into your User Library. All parameters will be saved and transmitted to the synth when recalled. If for some reason your synth and the editor become out of sync, click the "send settings" button, and the editor will resend all the parameters to the synth.

MKS-7 Melody vs Chord vs Bass:

The Melody, Chord, and Bass parts differ from each other. Melody will respond to all controls. Chord has no noise generator, so the Noise button won't do anything. The Bass voice is fairly crippled. The Saw button selects between a saw and pulse wave. The DCO PWM slider controls pulse width. The filter and envelope controls work, but not completely. Here is a list of controls that will NOT work: the LFO section, Sub Level, Pulse, Range, Noise, HP Filter, Env/Gate, Envelope Polarity, PWM Man/LFO, VCA and VCF Dynamics.

Why the new version:

I wanted to interact with the editor in a more "Ableton-like" manner. Instead of a proprietary library format, this editor lets Live handle the patch saving and recalling. I also streamlined the automation so that parameters (such as oscillator range) are now single parameters with different values, instead of separate switches. Finally, I wanted it to be simpler; I feel that this version offers a tighter integration with the Juno-106 synth.


If there are bugs, let me know in the comments, or message me, and I will fix them. Thanks a lot!

1.02: junorouter now works on Windows 7
1.01: Fixed Chorus LED


Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Jan 03 2015 01:58:40
Date Last Updated: Feb 21 2015 18:22:13
Downloads: 1267
License: None
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Works beautifully. Nice updates!
In Live 9.1.9 and Max 7.0.3, the sliders work great when I move them, but automating them causes my MKs-7 to freak out and start delaying drum beats and losing notes.

I went in and added a [speedlim 5] after the [r ---params_a_106] and the problem goes away, so looks like the data rate is just too high when automation is in effect.
Looks like this is still not quite working right with lost of automation data... hard to tell exactly what is happening though.
Ok, looks like that fix is not going to work for preset recalls. You can contact me through my website if you want to troubleshoot this together.
Hi Guys,

thanks for this great editor.
Unfortunatley it is not gonna work here anymore and I have no idea why. It worked for a while and suddenly bam and over. I have no clue what the problem could be. Doesn't matter in which order I open the maxpat / Ableton, nothing happens.

Any ideas?
It's possible you're overloading your MKS with too much data and so it's freaking out, as the previous poster mentioned. You have to massage it a bit if you're doing automation, and send in steps rather than straight lines. That being said, I'm able to get about 4-5 smooth changes at one time before it's starts acting weird.

Could you try to describe exactly what you're doing when it quits, and exactly what the symptoms are?
Hey Roda,
thanks a lot for the great editor. I'm controlling my MKS7 with it and it mainly works fine.

I found some minor issues that I wanted to inform you about:
When I'm trying to control the Plugin via Push, the parameters are in a somewhat random order, also some are completely missing or named wrong.

So I tried to map the parameters with another M4L app in order to make one rack with eg DCO parameters, one with Filter parameters, etc.

But for some reason the mappings of some DCO parameters keep changing or are lost completely. So for example if I map the range selection, after a while it suddenly controls the lfo rate or nothing at all. Which is pretty strange. I don't know if it maybe has something to do with most buttons being named "saw" and maybe Live gets confused but that.

So to sum it up, the plugin works fine if I use it with a mouse but doesn't perform as good when mapped to a midi controller. If you ever find the time to check up on that, I would be very thankful.

To follow up:
After restarting a few times, the mapping of the parameters now works. Don't know what caused the problem in the first place but it seems to be fine now and a decent enough solution.
Hi! I love this device! By far one of the most used devices I have installed! I was wondering if you could implement MIDI in to the device so that when you call up a preset, or change a parameter on the Juno-106, it would update in the M4L Device!

What do you think? Is it doable?

Thanks again for the great device!

Do I have to open the JunoRouter.MaxPat every time I use this? I thought it was something you just have to do initially, but it doesn't seem to work for me unless I open it up the JunoRouter.MaxPat every time.
Yes, the JunoRouter.MaxPat must be open for this and any other sysex editor to work. Ableton Live does not support sysex, and the router enables sysex to be transmitted to the synth.

As for calling up presets and having the reflected in the editor, I looked into that once. I think it's not possible because the Juno-106/MKS-7 do not transmit their state via sysex when you change presets.

1) The junorouter.maxpat file doesn't show the current ports/devices in M4L 8 (it only works in v7). Why this file is needed to connect the MIDI device, could it be done directly from the Juno106Edit.amxd?

2) I've seen the Juno106Edit only works in one direction, from Ableton to the Juno. Could it work in the opposite way, from the Juno to Ableton and reflect the changes on the Juno-106 Edit in realtime?

Best Regards.

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