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It's working now. I have two identical 4x4 midi interfaces and just plugged out the other one, immediately it works, strange.
But I need the other one, too. It look like I can't use both at the same time via USB (same name etc.)

ih_midi like you write for the 32 Bit version but I also tried udp and downloaded the bridge.
I can play my OBM so it is connected I just can't change any parameters except volume and3 others. Ports are right as well.

Is there a general function for this "bridge" method which is maybe disabled somewhere? Cause my other editors like MKS-50 don't work, too

First of all, great work.
Unfortunately it's not working here.
I run 32Bit Version of Ablelton on OSX and have no luck.
Only Volume and a couple of other basic Midi function on the left side of the editor work.

Any ideas what Iam doing wrong?

Hi Guys,

thanks for this great editor.
Unfortunatley it is not gonna work here anymore and I have no idea why. It worked for a while and suddenly bam and over. I have no clue what the problem could be. Doesn't matter in which order I open the maxpat / Ableton, nothing happens.

Any ideas?