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Juno-106 and MKS-7 Edit Version 1.02

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Yes, the JunoRouter.MaxPat must be open for this and any other sysex editor to work. Ableton Live does not support sysex, and the router enables sysex to be transmitted to the synth.

As for calling up presets and having the reflected in the editor, I looked into that once. I think it's not possible because the Juno-106/MKS-7 do not transmit their state via sysex when you change presets.

It's possible you're overloading your MKS with too much data and so it's freaking out, as the previous poster mentioned. You have to massage it a bit if you're doing automation, and send in steps rather than straight lines. That being said, I'm able to get about 4-5 smooth changes at one time before it's starts acting weird.

Could you try to describe exactly what you're doing when it quits, and exactly what the symptoms are?

If you can't get the editor to work, I've made a modified version of it here: