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To follow up:
After restarting a few times, the mapping of the parameters now works. Don't know what caused the problem in the first place but it seems to be fine now and a decent enough solution.

Hey Roda,
thanks a lot for the great editor. I'm controlling my MKS7 with it and it mainly works fine.

I found some minor issues that I wanted to inform you about:
When I'm trying to control the Plugin via Push, the parameters are in a somewhat random order, also some are completely missing or named wrong.

So I tried to map the parameters with another M4L app in order to make one rack with eg DCO parameters, one with Filter parameters, etc.

But for some reason the mappings of some DCO parameters keep changing or are lost completely. So for example if I map the range selection, after a while it suddenly controls the lfo rate or nothing at all. Which is pretty strange. I don't know if it maybe has something to do with most buttons being named "saw" and maybe Live gets confused but that.

So to sum it up, the plugin works fine if I use it with a mouse but doesn't perform as good when mapped to a midi controller. If you ever find the time to check up on that, I would be very thankful.


Sooo many typos. But I guess you know what I mean :)

Sooo many typos. But I guess you know what I mean :)

Hey, I really love your drum machine apps as. Super useful and fun. Any change you could do the same for Drumspillage 2? Cheers.