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Name/Version: Manual CC Mapper 2.0
Author: JGJP  
Description: Manual CC Mapper allows you to map CCs without having to use the Ableton Live in-built MIDI mapping functionality. Mapping CCs in this way offers a number of advantages over using Ableton MIDI mapping:

- Record CC value changes into an arrangement view or session view clip without having to use Abletons Automation Arm.

- Use multiple CC Mappers for different MIDI mapping configurations easily switched on/off. Different CC mappings for different tracks.

- Automate CCs mapped, min/max range values.

- Write your own notes for organization, see several CC values visually in one place.

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Nov 14 2014 20:25:38
Date Last Updated: Nov 19 2014 08:30:48
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial


Hi JGJP. Great device and exactly what I needed !

But there is still some issues for me, and the biggest is that it doesn't accept incremental CC signal (from an incremental encoder, where turning right adds CC whil turning left subtract).
If I try to use it with my midi controller sending incremental CC, it doesn't understand it and behave stupidly...
I remember too that I had some problems while loading a previously saved Live session, but I didn't remember the exact issue... Maybe it didn't record the original value of the mapped parameter, I need to test it again for be sure...

Anyway, great idea. If you could make it compatible with incremental it could be a killer device, and make Ableton Live as flexible on stage as Reaktor (the main interest in Reaktor is that the mapping is "per instrument" : the CC signal used for a parameter keeps being free for another use in the set, like with your device).

By "incremental CC signal", I mean a CC signal sent by a relative encoder (or endless encoder)

By "incremental CC signal", I mean a CC signal sent by a relative encoder (or endless encoder)

Hi, its been 4 years so understand if I don't get an answer but...

It says in the description it can record CC value changes into arrangement view, but I can only get it to record into the clips themselves.

How can you make it record automation into arrangement view?


Hello, is it possible to make the map buttons midi mappable? I want to use this to dynamically map my expression pedal to different parameters.. so for example when i am playing i want to be able to press a hardware button on my synth (that is mapped to the map button of your device) so it starts blinking and then turn the parameter of choice (that i want to control with my expression pedal) .. I don't want to use the mouse to click the map button.. Is this possible? Thanks!

Do you have something similar for saving the mappings of MIDI NOTES?
I've scoured the whole web to try to find a way to save a whole instrument idea (that's mapped to a midi controller ) and preserve midi mappings when I open a new project and drag the instrument in.
Your M4L device is the only thing that works - but only when saved in a rack - I can make do - but now I'm just missing a mapper that saves midi notes.

This is so perfect, thankyou! I was so happy to find your device. I have the open source VCV, Cardinal outputting modulation on CC numbers on another track and nothing else would pick these up & allow mapping to another parameter with the exception of your device. Thankyou :-)

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