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Value Blocker Version 2.0
Alias Clips Version 1.0
Highest note Lowest note MIDI filter Version 1.0
Manual CC Mapper Version 2.0
Green Switch MIDI Version 6.0
Green Switch Audio Version 6.0
MIDI Timer Version 1.0
Audio Timer Version 1.0
Smooth Pitch Bend Version 2.0

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Comments by JGJP


Hi Fatty,

Are you using the latest version of the device?
If so, can you tell me what happens when you try an older version?

I haven't tested it with Live 9.2 yet so that may also be an issue..

If you want, you can email me through the contact form on my site and I'll try to solve your problem.


This is pretty cool! Seems I have to press the button every time though to get a reaction, creating new clips and changing track colors I see nothing happening to clips that should change color automatically.


also I should mention that one of the older versions of the device might work better for you as I changed the whole architecture on this latest one


it could well have to do with the amount of devices in your set, but more specifically the amount of devices in a single track that you're disabling/enabling. Also can't really make any guarantees in regards to Live 9.1.9 or 9.2 as I made the Green Switch quite a while ago. I'm thinking of redoing it soon with javascript though so that might solve your issues.

If you want to have a look inside it though it's quite simple.

possible to explain what this does in layman terms?

this meme is getting out of hand


Unfortunately it's not possible to replace audio clips with Max for Live, Ableton allows you to hotswap audio files though across your whole set, try right clicking a waveform in clip view and clicking "manage sample file" and any other clips that use the same original audio file will be updated with whatever new file you choose.

would like to be able to pay via paypal, looks very cool


Thanks for your comment, I updated the device with a reset button that sets pitchbend back to 64 which is the default original value.


I have fixed the issue with the undo queue, please try out the new version and let me know what you think.


Please could you post the device here after you modify it? I'm very interested in this device and I also want to modify it for my live performance, it would be really cool to see what you do with it.


Hi Pieter,

I think I understand a bit better but what's confusing is this:

1. I insert a Green Switch on a midi track
2. I start editing my arrangement
3. After 10 MINUTES of editing and recording I want to use my undo command
4. I can only go back a few steps in my undo history, after this, Ableton keeps undoing parameters of Green Switch endlessly (although I never changed any parameter of the Green Switch)

are you saying that after you put a Green Switch in your set you never touched it (and never muted/unmuted any tracks) and it's still adding steps to your undo history? Or you did touch it but the problem is that it's adding too many steps?


Hi Pieter, sorry for my late reply and thanks for your comment.

I have looked into this issue before and was trying out some solutions but other things got in the way, I'll take a look at this when I can and try to work it out. Unfortunately Max for Live is not so good with handling the undo history but I'll do my best to find a solution.

Can you just confirm for me that this happens without you muting/unmuting tracks?


Sorry I made a mistake, that should be:

To get the root, use one set to only let lowest note through
To get the next note up, use 2 in series whith the first one set to let the remainder (everything except the lowest note) through and the 2nd one set to only let lowest note through
To get the highest note, use one set to only let the highest note through
To get the note below the highest note, use 2 in series with the first one set to let the remainder (everything except the highest note) through and the 2nd set to only let the highest note through.


I'm not really sure what you're trying to do, if you're trying to split the data based on the chord, you might need to have several Hi/Lo MIDI filters one after another..

To get the root, use one set to only let lowest note through
To get the next note up, use 2 in series set to only let lowest note through
To get the highest note, use one set to only let the highest note through
To get the note below the highest note, use 2 in series both set to only let the highest note through.

Hope that helps, if you have any further questions please email me through the contact form on my site, this will ensure a much faster response since we get no notifications here on

I'm just putting the finishing touches on a working version, if you want to help me test it email me through my site, I'm planning to release it for $5/$10 as it's taken quite a bit of work.

I've wanted this feature myself also but I didn't think it was possible in M4L before I did some research, if you contact me via my site I can let you know when I have a working version.

I'll try to do this but I don't think it's going to be possible for audio clips just MIDI


I have a set of devices that I made previously that allows you to measure the latency of individual devices and combinations of devices, I will polish up the GUI and upload these for you as soon as possible.

For now I just tested it with the Green Switch in parallel and can confirm that it doesn't add latency this way, when in series it adds 10ms which seems to be standard for any M4L device.

By the way I've done some fixes and a big internal reorganization for the Green Switch so the stability is improved a lot especially for big live sets, I'll be uploading this in the next few days so keep a look out.

@ braduro

Through my own tests I've found that using this device does free up CPU within your Live set, it's easy to just check the CPU meter in the upper right. I've demonstrated this on the device's page on my site you can see screenshots where CPU usage is reduced 18% just on one track, though I exaggerated it with the amount of devices I loaded on there.

I'm familiar with Ableton's MIDI latency issues and I'll look into this but this wouldn't contribute more than any other M4L device, if this is an issue though you can try giving it its own chain within any rack so it's processed in parallel not series, you can even turn off the chain activator so MIDI/Audio isn't being passed into or out of it as it's not necessary.

As for electricity yes I'm kind of joking here but if your CPU is working less it will save you some amount on your electricity bill, however small ;)