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Thanks so much! This is fantastically useful. I'm using it as a vocal rider. I'm running a busy multichannel modular mix into Ableton and want it to get a little out of the way of the vocal frequencies when it they come in without using compression. An envelope follower on the vox track invert mapping the gain and a little EQ on a bus of all the modular tracks does the trick.

Thanks! I just wanted to say how much I appreciated this as it helped recalibrate the cvpal after it got out of whack & the manual keyborad way wasn't getting very far. Btw for anyone doing that you can keep an ext instrument device on the same track with a tuner after it which is very helpful in seeing what you are doing as you tune the device in. Thanks again.

This makes monosequencer so much more useful! Thanks for putting it together, it's changed my workflow a lot.

This synth sounds fantastic, I've spent a lot of time playing it & modulating it with different things in live. Thanks for making it.