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Name | Version: CC map8 1.1
Author: veedjee
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: CC map8 is a bidirectional CC controller to control your hardware with CC messages.

Quick tips :
- Set the device on a MIDI track
- Arm the track and set the MIDI input and output in the Live i/o section.

Functions :
- Midi learn fonction to map easily your controller to the device.
- CC menu to select the CC manually.
- Preset section, (maj+click on circle to save)
- Morph preset, select the 2 presets do you want morph between and move the "morph" Dial.
- "Switch" button to automate morphing.
- Adjust morphing time and Loop morphing.

Update 1.1

- Set the Dials 1-8 to be the first parameters with Push/APC40

Please, if you use it, rate it, Thanks !!

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Live Version Used: 9.1.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.8
Date Added: Oct 07 2014 12:27:01
Date Last Updated: Oct 22 2014 07:10:38
Downloads: 17792
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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Device File: CC_map8.amxd


This is useful for controlling some external gear I have. Thanks! Can you make Dial 1-8 the first controllers? As it stands with 1.0, when I load cc-map8, Control Change 1-8 are assigned to the first 8 knobs on a controller (Push in my case). I get around this by putting CC_map8 on a MIDI Effect Rack. I've also noticed that the resolution of recording the knob movements is rather low compared to the movements of the same control mapped in a MIDI Effect Rack. Not sure if this is just an artifact of using m4l or if it can be increased to MIDI rate.
Hi Klapton,

Thanks for comment. I take your comments into consideration for a future update soon.
Update 1.1

Dials should be now the first controllers with Push/APC
Hello , i am a visual artist/musician working on a quite complex project (personal one). I was looking for a M4L device to control my hardware synthesizers (Roland V-SynthXT and MC-808) . As Ableton lacks the ability to control things via sliders and rotary knobs regarding MiDi devises i was thinking to eventually hire some to make M4L devises for that.
If you are interested please contact me on vjsynth (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you in advance :)
Excited to use this with my new Push2 in order to control Arturia MiniV via midi CC (since it's not very assignable via ableton auto assign).


I'm using 4 instances, each in their own group with macro knobs assigned to each CC value. But it seems only one instance can be used at one time.

For example, there are 4 groups labeled A,B,C and D (from left to right) each containing an instance of CC map8. In this configuration A, B, and C will not be able to control the midi assigned. Only D will be able to control. Disabling group D will allow C to function, but A and B will still not work.

Just curious if I'm doing something wrong, or is this just the way it works.

Thanks for report, I look at this as soon as possible.
I wanted to let you know that I have been using your plug in for a few years now and it has been really great! However, I just updated to the latest version of M4L, and all of the saved automation lanes associated with this plugin get deleted with the update. The plugin still shows up on the tracks, but there is no longer any automation curves. I reverted to the older version of M4L and the curves come back. I am using another CC sender plugin by a different author and those curves don't get deleted with the update. Let me know if you want any other information to help debug this. Thanks again!
@mbirame - out of curiosity, what is the other cc sender plugin you are using?
This device is amazing. I am really enjoying the morph capability, but I am encountering some sort of bug with it. Sometimes the preset panel goes wild while turning the morph knob. The blue light indicating which preset is selected will start jumping around as you turn the morph knob. I have tested this in Live 9 and Live 10.

As the blue preset light jumps around, the values immediately jump to that preset, resulting in wild knob movements.
Hello. Can you please allow us to rename the knobs and can you optimize this for Push so that only the 8 knobs and their names show on the Push display?

"Dial 1" , "Dial 2" etc is not very useful!

I tried to edit the Plugin in Max so that I could rename the knobs and try to hide the other controls from Push but it seems to be locked so I cannot change anything.

Thank you. I don't understand why Live doesn't have MIDI CC knobs included in the MIDI effects.

TNX a lot for this device! It saved me a lot of time.
Hi! Great work, thank you. Is it possible to add midi through option as I cant sent midi notes throug device?
First off, I'd like to say thank you. It was working great and flawlessly the other night, but now I want to map some extra parameters on my drum Rack and it just doesn't even want to let me click the map button. it does nothing. Any insight will be appreciated
Does anyone know a way to debounce, or slow down the sample rate of the CC messages being sent from this device?
I unfortunately have an issue with this device that I really like,

I'm using it simply to control the modulation wheel as I don't have any hardware with a modulation wheel..

I'm unable to "re-enable automation" after recording it. The red dot above the knob indicating that the knob is modulated is now white. ...
I made sure there are no automation in my clip view but still, I can't re-enable automation.

Can you guys help? Thank you !

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