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Something else that bothers me about the Ableton included LFO is that the rate knob behavior of beat synced mode is opposite of the behavior in hertz mode. That is: in hertz mode, if you turn the knob left the LFO slows down and if you turn it right it speeds up. However, in beat mode, the behavior is reversed and turning the knob left speeds it up.

Do you think there is a way to flip the values of the beat sync rate knob in your fork?

This device is amazing. I am really enjoying the morph capability, but I am encountering some sort of bug with it. Sometimes the preset panel goes wild while turning the morph knob. The blue light indicating which preset is selected will start jumping around as you turn the morph knob. I have tested this in Live 9 and Live 10.

As the blue preset light jumps around, the values immediately jump to that preset, resulting in wild knob movements.

The main reason I need this is to record automation for my minilogue in Arrangement view. However, when I turn the physical knobs on my minilogue, it records midi cc into the clip as well as automation into the track lane. Then when I play back the two compete with each other, and the "Re-Enable Automation" button stays lit.

How can I disable midi cc recording in the clip, and only have it record automation of the m4L minilogue params in the Arrangement track lane?

Any advice for adapting this to control knobs in an Audio device or rack?