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Name/Version: Simple Clip Chop 1.0
Author: midibanks  
Description: This device basically changes the start position of a clip.

Chop the currently assigned clip in Ableton.
- 64 position buttons.
- Change the position of the chopped range.
- Change the size of the chopped range.
- Set loop on/off of the currently assigned clip.

NOTE: The loop switch of a clip is automatically turned off when the clip is assigned.

0. Set steps for "shift indices" and "resize intervall"
1. Assign a clip with the "Assign selected clip" button.
2. Set the desired startindex and intervall size.
3. Start chopping.


Device Details

Tags utility, other, hardware, dj
Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.1
Date Added: Sep 30 2014 11:39:45
Date Last Updated: Oct 18 2014 16:52:13
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


I love the idea...but I've not been able to get this goodie to output audio so I don't know if what I'm doing is "right" in terms of how I'm "setting" and storing the chopped clip sections...
do you have a video of how to operate Simple Clip Chop?
...not so simple for me to figure out ;]

Here you go ;)

And I fixed a little bug. Please download the new version.

Great work and I'd love to use the device, but it doesn't work for me. Assigning a clip seems to work because I can switch loop on/off with the button on clip chop. But the rest doesn't work, I don't even get these red marker lines that show the "current loop" and react to inc/dec buttons as in the demo video (sample view at the top). For me the inc/dec buttons have no effect at all. Would be nice if you could fix this, it seems like such a useful tool.

I added the red lines in a video editor for a better understanding (didn't have the right effect apparently :D). There is actually no visual feedback for the current intervall.
Set the steps to any value except 0. If you press a "shift indices" or "resize intervall" button nothing happens, because these buttons only change some internal values of the device.
You can change the clip start position by pressing one of the 64 buttons labeled as "1-64". The clip will then start playing at the specified position.
(I mapped the top 32 buttons of the launchpad to the first 32 buttons of the device as you can see in the video).
If you have more questions, feel free to ask ;)

Edit: I meant: Set the steps of "Resize intervall" to any value except 0.
And the buttons start at 0 and end at 63.

"Shift indices" is set to 0 (you can check the actual value under "Shift indices"), so the intervall starts at beat 0.
"Resize intervall" is set to 1 (actual value can be checked under "Resize intervall"), so buttons " 0-63" set the start position of a clip to beat 0-63 and play the clip.

"Shift indices" is set to 1, "Resize intervall" is set to 1:
Buttons "0-63" now set the start position to 1-64.

"Shift indices" is set to 0, "Resize intervall" is set to 2:
Buttons "0-63" now set the start position to 0,2,4,6,8,10,....,126.

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