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Edit: I meant: Set the steps of "Resize intervall" to any value except 0.
And the buttons start at 0 and end at 63.

"Shift indices" is set to 0 (you can check the actual value under "Shift indices"), so the intervall starts at beat 0.
"Resize intervall" is set to 1 (actual value can be checked under "Resize intervall"), so buttons " 0-63" set the start position of a clip to beat 0-63 and play the clip.

"Shift indices" is set to 1, "Resize intervall" is set to 1:
Buttons "0-63" now set the start position to 1-64.

"Shift indices" is set to 0, "Resize intervall" is set to 2:
Buttons "0-63" now set the start position to 0,2,4,6,8,10,....,126.

I added the red lines in a video editor for a better understanding (didn't have the right effect apparently :D). There is actually no visual feedback for the current intervall.
Set the steps to any value except 0. If you press a "shift indices" or "resize intervall" button nothing happens, because these buttons only change some internal values of the device.
You can change the clip start position by pressing one of the 64 buttons labeled as "1-64". The clip will then start playing at the specified position.
(I mapped the top 32 buttons of the launchpad to the first 32 buttons of the device as you can see in the video).
If you have more questions, feel free to ask ;)

And I fixed a little bug. Please download the new version.

Here you go ;)