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Name/Version: Lo Fi Tape Player Emulator 0.3
Author: TreeAreChill  
Description: Make your audio whacky and wobbly in real time with this effect!

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Downloaded over 1,300 times

Thanks to everyone for supporting this effect

Device Features:


*Choose from 4 different vibrato waveforms

*Default compressor tries to emulate over-the-top compression found on old VHS tapes (Which can easily be turned off if you don't like it)

*Modeled after the Zvex pedal "Lo-Fi Instant" (

*Instant 70's Porno sounds!

Updated to ver 0.2 Jan 20, 2015

*now with STEREO

*filter is always off now

*Updated 1/20/15:

names of dials and sliders to work more easily with other max for live effects such as the lfo patch

*Updated 1/25/15

1.) Added new UI Slider and Toggle

2.) Fixed bug that prevented slider and toggle positions from saving after exiting and returning to an Ableton Live project


Device Details

Tags effect, other
Live Version Used: 9.1.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Jul 10 2014 21:15:08
Date Last Updated: Jun 07 2017 01:05:01
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives


I tweeted 2x and get a 403 Broken link or so, hope you can fix this soon, when I read lofi and tape, I get all excited :D

It seems to be working for me and others, so I'm not sure how to fix it. Send me an email at and I'll send you the max for live patch.

Thanks for reporting the problem!


Damn this sounds completely realistic. Good job!! Any chance of getting a stereo version of this??

Lol, now it worked, yesterday nada, I was just about to try on Chrome if it still didn't work in Safari, anyway problem solved, thanks for the feedback.

I have a stereo version made already, but I kind of like how it converts everything to mono like a cassette play might do. I'll probably integrate an optional stereo mode in the next version.

I'm happy to see you got it working Anivia!

Yeah, I'm very glad.

+1 for stereo mode, definitely nice to have both imho!

I didn't really have time yet to check this out but will do and will vote and comment when I did.


great thing! could you do possibility to disable filter in the next version ? it would be nice to process the signal using only the modulation module. also, maybe add the 'flutter' module? I'm looking max4live analog to "wow and flutter" plugin for a very long time. and it looks like your only who does something similar.

First of all thanks for leaving some feedback!

I'll definitely add an option to disable the filter. I actually thought I did bypass the filter, but I guess I forgot to do that in the version I released on my website.

And yeah, This is the perfect effect to do the wow and flutter. If you set the depth super low and the rate at a super high setting, you can almost get a wow and flutter style effect. I'll definitely study that effect a little more and add a different flutter style presets.

+1 for disabling the filter.

i absolutely LOVE this little plugin, it sounds amazing right out of the box. the only thing i wish for is being able to bypass the filter as easily as the compressor :)

this is a one of a kind patch, I really appreciate the download!

Hey guys

Uploaded a new version of this effect today

Sorry to make you tweet about it but it's really help spread the word about this effect

Have fun destroying sounds



When I reload my Live set, the Lofi player doesn't keep my settings (compressor bypass, mod shape, mono/stereo...).

I have to reedit them on each session opening.

Any clue??

I'll update the patch soon and let you know what the problem is. I must have added something that messed with Ableton's ability to save the settings. Thanks for letting me know about this

Site is down? Please advise?

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