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Lo Fi Tape Player Emulator Version 0.3
Semitones for Operator Version 1.0

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Please leave credit card information blank. This is a free download. I'm sorry you encountered issues with the site.

I'll update the patch soon and let you know what the problem is. I must have added something that messed with Ableton's ability to save the settings. Thanks for letting me know about this

Hey guys

Uploaded a new version of this effect today

Sorry to make you tweet about it but it's really help spread the word about this effect

Have fun destroying sounds


First of all thanks for leaving some feedback!

I'll definitely add an option to disable the filter. I actually thought I did bypass the filter, but I guess I forgot to do that in the version I released on my website.

And yeah, This is the perfect effect to do the wow and flutter. If you set the depth super low and the rate at a super high setting, you can almost get a wow and flutter style effect. I'll definitely study that effect a little more and add a different flutter style presets.

I have a stereo version made already, but I kind of like how it converts everything to mono like a cassette play might do. I'll probably integrate an optional stereo mode in the next version.

I'm happy to see you got it working Anivia!

It seems to be working for me and others, so I'm not sure how to fix it. Send me an email at and I'll send you the max for live patch.

Thanks for reporting the problem!