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Name/Version: PolyMind 2.1
Author: nezzyidy  
Description: PolyMind v2 - Dynamic Voice Allocator

Play up to 16 hardware mono synths as a single poly synth using round-robin voice allocation via MIDI.

Included in the zip is the PolyMind (Brain) which lives on your master MIDI track and up to 16 'satellite' patches which live on additional MIDI tracks and receive the note data.
From there you can route the note data from each satellite to any MIDI channel you choose.

Play chords with your hardware mono synths! (Works with soft synths and poly synths too). Send a sequence to several different synths and put different effects on each one.

Please read the included txt and give feedback if it works for you because the udpreceive object can be finicky.


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Downloads: 3281
Tags utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Feb 22 2014 22:50:05
Date Last Updated: Feb 24 2014 23:46:07
Average Rating (8) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: PolyMind


I am SO grateful, thank you for this. It's a game changer, in certain respects! I have an AIRA System-1. Thanks to you, I can now play these very realistic plugin models polyphonically. An 8-voice Promars? Don't mind if I do!

man i went through list of hundreds of MAX device on this site searching and searching for THIS, because I KNEW SOMEBODY HAD THE SAME IDEA AS ME - i just didnt know what keywords to search to find this kind of device? i even started a thread on ableton forum? and here you are? thanks for this SO SO SO MUCH...

didnt have time for thorough testing... works OK after quick testing on MAC and PC... Live 9.1, Max 6.1... Had to enable port 10000 in my firewall - thanks god for mentioning it in the README or i would never guessed that it uses network...

WORKS FINE... the round-robin method gives me fairly random assignment to voices because as i sustain notes the assignment pattern keeps rearanging depending on which voices are free at the moment... nice randomness...

i use mainly on software synths with identical preset where i make small adjustments between "voices" to bring in a bit of life and small randomness to sound less static and repeating...

Oh man, this is tops. Thanks so much. Been trying to figure this one on my own, but eff that. Cheers!

Oh man, this is tops. Thanks so much. Been trying to figure this one on my own, but eff that. Cheers!

Love this plugin. Many thanks for this. :)

i got a problem when using this in Live 9.7.1 64-bit on Windows 10 64-bit:
When i reload a Live project the voices in the Poylmind Brain plugin are set to 1 and no sound is playing from the synth that is assigned.
I have to set the value to the desired amount of voices again to get it playing again.

Would it be possible that the amount of voices used is saved with a Live 9 project?

I'm very grateful for this, as I didn't find any other implementation of this trick.
However, it's too limited and pretty much barebones. I've tried to modify it and make it more useable in cases that I need to use this for more than one input, but I just can't get around M4L and get things to work for now, I'm bad with coding.
Ideally it should pretty much work like an Instrument rack, with any added instrument occupying additional voice, then additionally it would have some settings or how the voices are chosen (normal forward sequence, backward, bounce, random) and applicable modulations to it (each voice fires N times before switching to next and other possible twists). But as I understand, it might be impossible to store another Live device inside a M4L device, so we're back to this kind of implementation.
For now we need few things to streamline what we have:
- add option to select udp port (16 presets or just type in manually) both on Brain and Satellite
- add option to select which voice Satellite represents (if possible)
- make the current voice window adjustable, so we can override normal voice switching operation with automations and LFO's

I've had few ideas for long time that require this kind of device. One is for manipulating the stream of notes going off from assigned source or midi clip and so it becomes possible to make even most dull sequence into something varied and interesting (I've discovered this with one voice being half-dead on analog Juno-106 synth). And other is to make use of several different presets of same instrument at the same time, or even different instruments playing different parts of melody. Many pretty unique things can be experimented with by this method as doing it by hand becomes extremely tedious as you try out different variations on this trick.

Thanks a lot, work great with my Korg electribe emx 1 , now it's a 5 poly synth. VERY HAPPY


Am I mistaken in thinking Polymind only works with Ableton? I work with Logic Pro X and I have no idea how to even install the app. Please help.


This is great, my Elektron Model:Cycles has become a 6 note polyphonic FM beast

Thank you so much! This is amazing!

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