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man i went through list of hundreds of MAX device on this site searching and searching for THIS, because I KNEW SOMEBODY HAD THE SAME IDEA AS ME - i just didnt know what keywords to search to find this kind of device… i even started a thread on ableton forum… and here you are… thanks for this SO SO SO MUCH...

didnt have time for thorough testing... works OK after quick testing on MAC and PC... Live 9.1, Max 6.1... Had to enable port 10000 in my firewall - thanks god for mentioning it in the README or i would never guessed that it uses network...

WORKS FINE... the round-robin method gives me fairly random assignment to voices because as i sustain notes the assignment pattern keeps rearanging depending on which voices are free at the moment... nice randomness...

i use mainly on software synths with identical preset where i make small adjustments between "voices" to bring in a bit of life and small randomness to sound less static and repeating...

the standard Ableton 8 "Edit MIDI Map" highlights and lets me assign midi to:

- and probably more i didnt spot

but id love to have midi map to MODE PLAY/MUTE and OCTAVE for each step - its either there but i dont see how to map it... clicking with mouse open submenu on MODE and OCTAVE and it doesnt let me midi map


ok bought this because it promised maping of all major parameters... now i cant find how to use my BCR 2000 to change OCTAVE and PLAY/MUTE for each step... there is no email on authors pages... anyone can help me how to change OCTAVE and PLAY/MUTE for each step via midi mapping and BCR 2000... thanks