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About sebairstein: Créateur de device Max for live
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miracopypastelyricsbysebairstein Version 1.0
sa.granulator.jit.bfg.wavetable.amxd Version 1.0
8BandMix-MasterDarwinGrosseDebugsebairstein Version 1.0
sa.scale.matrix.amxd Version 1.0
sa.ease.trigger.amxd Version 1.0
sa.binaural.osc.amxd Version 1.0
sa89scalenotein Version 1.0

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hello gumilastic i have share the original patch with the rnbo~ patch in the Max discord server, there is an external with more option if you want to manage this list of scale. I share this patch for people to don't have to lost time patching and creating the 89 list.reg of scale. here: happy patching

Hello Nasca i hope you enjoy it and give you fun.

I am a very sensitive person and your feedback touches me deeply. So thank you to all of you who gave time and two ears to my research, from the bottom of my heart thank you

Thanks you so much

Thanks a lot, work great with my Korg electribe emx 1 , now it's a 5 poly synth. VERY HAPPY