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I have been using this editor, very nice. I have added some things that were missing like PWM knobs, OSC Hard Sync, filter key tracking and LFO Key sync as well as randomisers.

I am trying to add the envelope trigger function that was added on Firmware v1.2 but I do not know how ... Is a dual CC (I do not know why, as range is only 0-1) CC 73:0 Range 0-1

Thanks in advance

This is great, my Elektron Model:Cycles has become a 6 note polyphonic FM beast

Hello, I do not have a M:S but I own a M:C, same number of knobs and functions, only 6-8 CC# Change and LFO depth wich is CC109 (LSB:110)
Could you please make a model:Cycles version of your device?
would be much appreciated