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Name | Version: NanoStep 1.0
Author: musick
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Turns the Korg NanoKontrol into a simple step sequencer.
- Load 'NanoStep' patch on midi track and put synth behind it
- Arm track and make sure NanoKontrol is also is set as 'midi in' in input config (not 'remote'), so the patch gets midi data input.
- The first 8 sliders are pitch and the first 8 knobs are velocity of the steps
- The 9th fader is transpose
- The 9th knob is scale, so the output of step i will be fader(i)*knob(9)+fader(9)
- The transport buttons change the number of steps and beats division


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Feb 13 2010 11:30:42
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1709
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: NanoStep.amxd


"Disco" button...Love It!!!
whoo, awesome!

Could you break down what ALL of the Transport Controls do?


Works great with Drum Racks too!
awesome upload thanks for the work
woo! look forward to testing this out.

good work!

I cant seem to turn notes off once I ve turned them on...and do I need to set korg kontrol up in a specific way
Great work many thanks for this idea, my idea for version 1.1 ;)
I can not Save the edits, and make buttons to mute this note!
Very cool for litle creativ work! i hope you work on it away!
great idea

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