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Name | Version: MultiMap TS 1.1
Author: Because789
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: With this little edit of the MultiMap device only parameters on the selected track are affected when you turn the Input knob. This means you can use one knob to control different parameters while you're still able to manipulate them seperatly based on track selection.

- MIDI assign a knob on your controller to the Input knob on the device
- map any parameter of any track/device to one of the 8 slots
- select the track with the parameters you want to adjust and have fun

The Input button is reset to the last set value of the parameter on the selected track. It's possible to map more than one parameter on a track. If 8 parameters are not enough you can use multiple devices and map each Input dial to the same knob on your controller. When you group or delete tracks things can get messy (which means you have to remap the parameters).

DanyRockJr made a little tutorial for the device: (It's in french but with subtitles you can translate. Thanks DRJ!)

For more info check out the link below.

Release notes:
- added the ability to map parameters on return tracks and master track

- initial release


Live Version Used: 9.0.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Jul 23 2013 16:52:03
Date Last Updated: Jul 29 2013 16:09:24
Downloads: 4792
License: None
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Device File: MultiMapTS v1.1.amxd


Just to tell that is a fantastic utility.
I use it to control effects on various tracks.
One knob to control multiple effects only on the selected track !
Perfect for Dj or users limited with little knobs/faders controllers.
Many thanks.
Bye, DRJ.
Thanks for the kind words! Just uploaded 1.1, now you can use it for parameters on return tracks and master track as well :)
First thanks for this great device.

Can I map parameters within an instrument rack (with 8 instruments)?
Hello Because789,
I come back to you to know if your MultiMap can be used in a "instrument rack."
Let me explain:
- I created an "instrument rack" with 3 instruments for example, as a "chain".
- I added a "AutoFilter" effect on each of the 3 instruments.
I wish I also use a button "mapped" on 3 cuts off filter frequency, as I have done on multiple tracks, but inside my instrument rack, on a selected instrument.
Do you think is that possible?
Keep me posted if you can.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,
This utility was exactly what I was looking for. Great job!

If I may come with a feature request for the next version, I'd like to see an offset parameter for each control as well. That would make this perfect for me. :)
I can't get this to work in Live 9.2.2 and Max 6.1.10.
Perfect for making more macros than you really have. Thanks!
Super nice. Would be nice to have more than 8 version. Would pay for it. Of course I can duplicate it, but isn't that more stable to have less devices in set?
I'm having a bit of trouble using this in the following scenario:

1. 2 tracks, one with your .amxd the other with an AutoFilter
2. I would like to map one instance to the AutoFilter on Track 2
3. I would also like to map another instance to the volume on Track 1

Result: I can only get it to affect the mapping on the track where your .amxd is.

Is this by design or a limitation of the environment or ???

Many thanks,
Thanks a lot will try out!

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