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Name/Version: RT4 Humanizer 1.0
Author: seannyb  
Description: This device can swing, randomize and increase the delay of incoming MIDI data. It can also override and randomize velocities. See the YouTube video:

Unfortunately, the device is monophonic, which means it cannot individually separate/randomize a bunch of simultaneous notes. It'll treat them all the same.

Part of my series of Ableton Live tools at

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Downloads: 2690
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Feb 08 2013 23:37:22
Date Last Updated: Feb 08 2013 23:50:30
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: RT4 Humanizer (monophonic).amxd


i also spent some time thinking about humanisation. your device is missing a time jitter on notes which will be present in a human groove. but still good idea.

i'm currently working on a poly note repeat that will allow seperate settings for every note. it also offers humanizing groove features. i upload it in a bunch of days. would like to have your feedback on it. O.

Between Swing, Delay and Randomize in the time-domain area, it's missing a "time jitter"?

Also I'm not an M4L expert or anything. I only learned enough to slap together this device a few months ago, but yeah, I'll check out your device when it's available. Sounds cool.

jep, you should say "random delay" because all your time domain parameters are adding time. jitter for me is a two direction thing and would create early and late notes. best regards O.

as you deal with realtime input, ahead notes are not possible. sorry for bothering. i missed the purpose of your device

Right, as it's realtime, it can't predict the future. That's one of the features lost from the non-realtime "groove" workflow on top of polyphonic randomization. On the plus side, you can insert it into a MIDI processing chain, e.g. after an arpeggiator, so there are advantages to it being "live".

really like the dewvice but somehow seems to crash in my ableton 9.0.5 when i have multiple versions of it open on different tracks

the same here with Live 9.0.5/Max 6.1.3. When you load multiple instances of the device, it begins to overload the machine resources, and when you exit Live, it crashes...I don?t know if you are supporting this device, but it would be wonderful to have an updated/fixed version. It seems that there are no other M4l humanizers around...

The groove works perfectly but when starting to record a clip live freezes. I'm using Live 9.7.5 could you please update this device? This is really one of my favourite devices for when working with generative beats :)

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