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RT4 Humanizer Version 1.0
Chord Bank - two finger MIDI chorder Version 1.1

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Update 1.1 — Bug-fixes. Keyswitches trigger on note-on rather than note-off, and they no longer pollute the Ableton Live undo buffer.

Right, as it's realtime, it can't predict the future. That's one of the features lost from the non-realtime "groove" workflow on top of polyphonic randomization. On the plus side, you can insert it into a MIDI processing chain, e.g. after an arpeggiator, so there are advantages to it being "live".

Between Swing, Delay and Randomize in the time-domain area, it's missing a "time jitter"?

Also I'm not an M4L expert or anything. I only learned enough to slap together this device a few months ago, but yeah, I'll check out your device when it's available. Sounds cool.