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the same here with Live 9.0.5/Max 6.1.3. When you load multiple instances of the device, it begins to overload the machine resources, and when you exit Live, it crashes...I don´t know if you are supporting this device, but it would be wonderful to have an updated/fixed version. It seems that there are no other M4l humanizers around...

One more thing : I meant that when you close the project, the next time you open it, the names have dissapeared and you only see the default numbers. Just in case I didn´t explain it well...

Hello! Thank you very much for your device, it´s very useful. The only thing that doesn´t work is that, at least in Live 9.0.5/Max 6.1.3, it doesn´t recall the names you enter with the rename buttons. This is annoying because it´s really useful to have the parameters names at view. If you could fix it, it would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.