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Name | Version: Tetra Master Controller 1.01
Author: atari5200
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This is device built to control a DSI Tetra synth. It gives you access to almost all of the available parameters of the Tetra. It is heavily based off of a few other existing Tetra controllers, so thank you to those whom I borrowed code from. It is my first Max device and was built in several parts, so as a result the patching is incredibly messy. I may clean it up in the future and I welcome any improvements that others may bring to the device. I have also posted a rather crude Tetra sequencer controller here as well

9/15/13 Update- I fixed the LFO 4 sync bug and added a couple other new controls.
In a future version I would like to be able to implement bi-directional mapping so that upon loading a patch, the controller will reflect the proper values for each parameter, but I'm not sure how to do this at the moment


Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Nov 23 2012 13:57:33
Date Last Updated: Sep 15 2013 13:12:27
Downloads: 1574
License: None
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Device File: Tetra Master Controller 1.01.amxd


Thank you very much for programming this! I cant wait till my live9 suite update with max will be available, ill be testing and using this one for shure.

Can you tell me if it works in multi mode too? (for example by loading 4 seperate instances on 4 midichannels?)

I am also wondering if its possible to save/load patches from the tetra?

you made my day
Thanks MonoAmine-
As far as using it in Multi mode, I have no idea if it will work, I don't think so, but I think you would be able to modify it work properly. But I'm not sure, it may work fine as is, I'll see if I can tets it out and report back.

It is not currently possible to save patches using the controller. It does have a bank/patch selector so you can load patches using the panel but the knobs/controls do not update to show the parameter values for each patch. I think there is a way to implement this function but I'm too much of a n00b to Max so I couldn't really figure it out!
great stuff atari5200, thanks for the time in putting this one together, much appreciated! ;]
"Can you tell me if it works in multi mode too? (for example by loading 4 seperate instances on 4 midichannels?)"

so far it works flawlessly here!:) tks for the device atari!
Yes ive been able to use it too, thanks alot Atari!

Only thing i can think of to make abosolety the best controller at the moment is a 'send patch or send all parameters' to tetra button' with this we would be able to save patches in the songfiles of Ableton

can you check if the key sync of lfo 4 is correct? it modifies ENV3 ATTACK on mine ( new os here, still beta but it will be the next one, I don't know if it changed.)
Also, as you can see here
there are other new parameters that could be easily implemented. if you tell me how to modify it i could gladly add them by myself.
However THANKS THANKS THANKS for this patch.
It WORKS and it's damn good.
THANKS again.
I've figured out how to do it. you simply set the wrong command (61 was the parameter number, not the nrpn. the right couple is A-56, B-256). I've also added a command for wave reset (only beta os) and clock multiplier menu (standard one) it's just a matter of space... Please try to include the send button!! It'd be great!
This is great!!!
But is there anyway to make it more push friendly?
Meaning when I'm in device mode on push, the banks of 8 knobs aren't in order of the controller. They seem to be mixed up!
It would e great to know how to organize this so it would be:
Bank 1- osc
Bank 2- filter
Bank 3- vca

And so on.....
Any updates intended????
Ok.... I have re assigned all parameters to e on a logical order when used with PUSH. Where do I upload this????
I just uploaded a new version that fixes the LFO 4 sync bug that was reported above. I also added the wave reset for each osc and a menu for the arp clock divider.

@adh82- how do you rearrange the mappings so they are more Push friendly? I know how to do it will normal racks and devices but I can't figure out how to do it with Max For Live devices. Clue me in and I'll edit the device.

Likewise if anyone wants to show me how to get bi-directional mapping I'd appreciate it. I'd really like to be able to have the controller show the proper values upon loading a new patch.
interesting, will try it when I get a chance.

will it save within the live set so the tetra patch is recalled the next time you load the session ?
Hi Atari,

Is there any news about a possible update? It will be appreciated

Only the bank buttons work in this for me, none of the knobs do anything. Is this good to go for Max 7 and Live 9.5?
> @adh82- how do you rearrange the mappings so they are more Push friendly?

For anyone looking how to do this, you need to add a "live.banks" object to the Max patch. Within it you can set up the banks of parameters accessible via Push.

Happy wiggling.
I've uploaded a copy of this device that adds Push and Push 2 support. Enjoy! And thank you @atari5200 for the awesome work. :)

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