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thanks, really useful for tenori on

ok is it just me or
filter 1 is mono
and there's no controls for manual freq modulation?

it works liche a charm, it's just a straight renaming job (once you have installed everything in the right place): just write mxj semdd.leapmotion instead of aka.leapmotion, save and it's done...

somebody compiled an aka.leapmotion compatible and cross-platform module, could you please update your plugin tusing this?

pc version? pleez

seems perfect to control drums in draw mode with the tenorion.
does it introduce latency?

I've figured out how to do it. you simply set the wrong command (61 was the parameter number, not the nrpn. the right couple is A-56, B-256). I've also added a command for wave reset (only beta os) and clock multiplier menu (standard one) it's just a matter of space... Please try to include the send button!! It'd be great!

can you check if the key sync of lfo 4 is correct? it modifies ENV3 ATTACK on mine ( new os here, still beta but it will be the next one, I don't know if it changed.)
Also, as you can see here
there are other new parameters that could be easily implemented. if you tell me how to modify it i could gladly add them by myself.
However THANKS THANKS THANKS for this patch.
It WORKS and it's damn good.
THANKS again.