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Tetra Master Controller - with Push support Version 1.02

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> Also how hard would it be to have the max device load patches from the hardware?

@n0ael Agree, this would be super duper cool and I would love this, too.

Sadly I think that the only way to do this is to parse the SysEx information that is sent from the synth when it changes patches. This SysEx is entirely different kind of data to the NRPN/CC data that this Max device sends to the synth.

Therefore... not straightforward I'm afraid.

I've not experienced any freezes yet. But I've only spent maybe 6-7hrs with it.

Great to hear that it works with the Mopho!

Oops. I accidentally uploaded a broken version (patch not frozen in MaxMSP). It's resolved now. Thank you.

I've uploaded a copy of this device that adds Push and Push 2 support. Enjoy! And thank you @atari5200 for the awesome work. :)

> @adh82- how do you rearrange the mappings so they are more Push friendly?

For anyone looking how to do this, you need to add a "live.banks" object to the Max patch. Within it you can set up the banks of parameters accessible via Push.

Happy wiggling.

I had to rename the download from "" to "", then unzip.

Unsure what to do next, though. :)

Thank you for developing this, looks like it has good potential.

Still good though :)

Will answer my question: no. Can't seem to get the tuner "needle" and/or note to show on the Push (2) screen.

Apologies, does this integrate with the Push 2 display?