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Name | Version: ClipAutomation 1.0
Author: Crampe
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: It's a device which allows you to record clip automation to workaround Live's limitation.
Details and instructions on the link below.

Due to a little error, the 4th knob on the device didn't control the parameter it was attached to.
If you didn't solve the problem by yourself, I've update the device.
+ clearer display.


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Feb 01 2012 08:16:57
Date Last Updated: Feb 02 2012 17:07:40
Downloads: 581
License: None
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Device File: ClipAutomation.amxd


can't wait to try this out.
great idea...extending lives limited recordable clip automation
is f*kin great ! thanks for your efforts
This looks great!

But.. I am having a little trouble getting it working.. in your instructions you say that the explanations are inside the device.

I've unfrozen the device but can't find the instructions.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Many thanks for sharing!

Hi there. Humm I have issues actually recording the automation. The learn function works fine though. Is there smt I am missing (well, obviously yes) to actually record the automation, and play it back ? Where do u actually record the automation, in a separate clip ? onto the actual midi clip driving the synth ?
Got it, wow!!!

This is how I did it..

Open up the patch.

Go into presentation mode.

Make sure the patch is locked then double click on 'p controller input'- the instructions appear.

Unfreeze and unlock the patch and follow the instructions.

Great stuff.. ta very much!
Hangarsliquides, the automations are recorded into the actual midi clip. You can record automations while recording the clip, or you can start recording a clip, play your melody, stop the recording and then switch to OVR mode to overdub automations.
Hope this is clear.
Thank you Jul. Problem solved : M4L.chooser.js device version was not the newer one I add on my disk. Now I can edit the device, and make the relevant cc number changes to match them with the involved controller knobs.
There have been several attempts to transcend Live's limited recording capacities in session view, and I think this attempt is the most convenient so far.
Hey people !
Due to a little error, the 4th knob on the device didn't control the parameter it was attached to.
If you didn't solve the problem by yourself, I've update the device (it's still version 1.0 though).
Once again thank you so much for what could be, at least for me, one of the top 3 devices here. This module is making my day, I am totally re discovering forgotten live sets, for which ornamentation was only possible in arrangement mode. Bravo.
same as greetz dirk,
what does this mean and how do you switch "banks"?

"text" : "One more important thing : you need to use a bank which is different from the one you use with the Live Instant Mapping (blue hand), otherwise Live won't record your automations.",
Yeah, I cant get this device to work. A simple explanation of how to set up would go a long way.

I'm no slouch to this stuff either, this is kind of confusing.
I have some problems getting this to work. I am able to make the device learn and to map it to an external midi controller but not to record my clip automations.

I have tried what I could find; I was able to get into the 'p controller input' and edit it according to the instructions - my midi controller sends CC 61 to 68 so I made the integer box subtract 60 (I also tried changing my controller and using other CC numbers).

I tried changing the settings of Arm, Global and OVR on the device, I tried recording the automation while recording the melody, I tried recording it onto the midi track and onto the track receiving the automation..

I am also confused about these "banks".. What are they and how do I change them?


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