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Chord Ripper Version 1
Automation Stepper Version 0.0.1
KS Synth Version 0.0.1
Key Stepper Version 1
Tempo To Ms Version 0.0.4
zs Faderboard3 Version 1.0
Automation Math Version 6
Current Param Knob Version 0.0.1
TapPanVerb Version 0.0.5
Fractal Note Echo Version 0.0.2
Fibonacci Note Echo Version 0.0.2
zs Knobbler3 - Auto-Labeling Control Surface Version 1.1.7
Automation Delay ... Echo Effect for Automation Version 0.0.2
Send Duck Rack Version 0.0.1
Modulation Math Version 6
Modulation Stepper Version 2
Modulation Delay Version 3
Modulation Lerp - Linear intERPolation Version 1
zs Knobbler3 - Auto-Labeling Control Surface Version 1.1.9
zs Knobbler3 - Auto-Labeling Control Surface Version 1.2.0
Len Stepper Version 3
Correlation Modulation Version 1
Chiastic Slide Version 2

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Comments by zsteinkamp


Hey @okfrasco thanks for the thoughts and ideas!

Can you help me understand the difference a little better? Maybe a couple of specific examples to illustrate what you're after?

As it's written, the chains are effectively arranged evenly in a row. The width basically controls the breadth of pickup pattern of a virtual mic that you can slide back and forth in front of the row of chains that are always playing.

Hey Totholz5d thanks for the note!

I went through the combinations of situations that I could think of and I think the device can cover them already.

Multiplication and division can utilize the existing global invert function on the right side.

For addition and subtraction, simply choose the opposite operation if you want to invert the second input, or choose the global invert if you want to invert the first input. Am I overlooking a case?

Just updated to Version 2 to fix a bug where Chiastic Slide would fill Live's undo buffer. If you use Version 1, update to Version 2 now.

Hey Torley -- It's something I'll work on. I understand it may not be easy to understand from the description.

Easy enough to try though -- make an Instrument Rack, add some different instruments in multiple chains, sequence some notes to play, then add a Chiastic Slide after the Instrument Rack and play with the knobs. Watch the volume levels on each chain to see the crossfade happening across the chains.

Just posted v3 which fixes a ton of stability, timing, and issues around simultaneous notes. Re-implemented without Javascript, which ended up being poor at timekeeping.

Thanks again for this great device :)

I ended up opening it up to add a multi-chord/channel capability and found some good paths to simplify the internals. Have a look here


Awesome! Thanks for doing this. I like your approach! I was going to do something less elegant. I really love the simplicity of not having separate sender/receiver devices.

Perhaps I will add a "channel" parameter so you can have multiple chord-note groups, rather than the one global instance here.

best name ever! 🤣

Good stuff! I have been wishing for this functionality from Live. Thanks for taking the time to make it. :)

The only improvement I'd suggest is to freeze the device and do a "Save As..." so that it's a single .amxd file rather than .amxd + .js.

Works perfectly though. I'm impressed by how fast it runs. :)

Perhaps someone who has both versions can see if it works to save in an older version. Live 10 and prior versions of Max are long gone from my setup. All the best!

Hi @santiagogglez -- I'm not sure if they work or not. I haven't had Live 10 for a couple of years now. Can you try and let me know?

Thanks @annadyne -- I'm happy to hear your feedback or ideas for improvement on it!

Woohoo! Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for it!

Hey matthierusso, I've updated the URL here to point directly to the download. Thanks for pointing it out!

@Axis08 -- Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into both requests. Should be easy. Calculus looks very nice!

Version 0.0.4 fixes this issue. Thanks for letting me know!

Oh I like your version of the UI! Though I think mine has advantages too :).

That was fast! Nicely done.

Super cool idea, and nice use of [drunk] :)

Hi Gert -- I'd be happy to help you figure something out, but I'm not really into doing coding work for money. I already do that for my full time job. But I'm happy to hear what you're trying to accomplish and give some tips for how to accomplish it! Email me at

You may also be interested in my bigger TouchOSC/M4L project called Knobbler3.


Woo! I'm glad you find it useful. Please let me know if you have ideas on how to make it better!

Just uploaded version 0.0.2 that fixes the problem.

For the curious ... if a Javascript file "require"s another Javascript file, the required file is not included in the frozen bundle. Perhaps there is a workaround ... looking now.

I'll certainly look into these issues. Hopefully will have a 0.0.2 update before the end of day today (USA California time). Feel free to email me at if you'd like a notification on when I do that.

@dayjob -- did you clone the entire repository or use the frozen file? You need to do one or the other, not just download the .amxd (just a hunch that is what happened). Feel free to email me more details / screenshots at or open an issue on GitHub.

@dayjob -- Hmm. My computer is an M1-Pro, and I also tested on a normal M1. I'll look into what may cause that error.

Thanks @telkmx :) I'll add that idea to my todo list.
Thanks @kuzma :) Happy to hear any feedback or ideas or help with problems. is a good way to get in touch.

Cool idea :) I'm excited to try this out.

Hey @mrchatovant, thanks for trying it out. Can you give some more details of what did not work?

I just tried it on a different computer and it worked fine.

Make sure you have either cloned the entire repository or are using one of the files in the frozen/ directory.

If you like, you can email me details or screenshots at and I will have a look.


Hey @deepsynthsec -- I have a feeling there is a different device that is causing that error. There is no Javascript in this device.

I suspect either there is another device that is causing this error, or you commented on the wrong device. I haven't made anything that includes a file named "stop_pedal_noise.js".

Let me know what you find out. :)

Thanks AYA. Ask and ye shall receive. I added multiple destinations in version 0.0.4 just now. Here's a download link:

Thank you for the bug report, Spin! I really appreciate it. I've reproduced the error here and fixed it. I just pushed version 0.0.3 that fixes this bug.

Direct download link:

Hey P -- This bugs me too. I've taken to giving some attention to the live panel configuration for my 3rd party VSTs so I can easily find the parameters I automate most. Make sure you "Save as Default Configuration" after rearranging or adding params.

I'd love to hear if others have a solution to this.